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7 Things Women do to Attract Men That Don't Actually Work ...

By Olivia

There are many things women do to attract men; some things work, some don't. We try our best when we want to attract a guy, however, sometimes the things we think we should do to get a guy actually wind up pushing them away. Over the years, I have noticed that some of the things I thought guys would like have actually backfired on me. Here are a few of the common things women do to attract men that don't actually work.

1 Too Much Make-up

Of all the things women do to attract men, one of the most common things is wearing too much make-up and overdoing your look. So many girls throw on layers and layers of make-up in an attempt to hide flaws, but did you know that most guys don't actually like it when girls wear a ton of make-up? An obvious fake tan, fake hair, and fake nails subconsciously make guys think that your personality, too, will be fake. If you want to attract a guy, flaunt your natural beauty and he will be more apt to want to get to know the real you!

2 Lead with Sex

Many girls think that the way to a guy's heart is through sex. However, guys are usually turned off by a girl who leads with sex rather than with her personality. Sure, a guy may sleep with a girl who promotes sex, but it's doubtful he will take the time to get to know her.

3 Not Eat

This is one I used to struggle with. I always felt that as a girl I should be dainty, so I would never eat in front of a guy. Guys just think this is weird. Guys like to see a girl who isn't afraid to eat in front of them and has a big appetite -- actually, a lot of times this is a turn-on for them for whatever reason.

4 Agree with Everything He Says

Some girls think that by taking on a guy's interests and agreeing with whatever he says will get him to like her. Wrong! Guys want to see that you are an individual with her own mind, goals, and opinions, not just a mirror of themselves.

5 Showing How Much You Can (or Can't) Drink

Sometimes girls try to impress by showing them they can drink just as much as the guys. Not only is this dangerous since women's bodies process alcohol differently than men's do, but it often leads to you making a fool of yourself. What is actually attractive to a guy is a girl that can remain in control during a night out. Getting sloppy, sick, or boisterous is a definite turn-off to a guy.

6 Overly Compliment Him

Some girls try to overly compliment a guy in order to get him to respond favorably to her; however, many psychology studies have confirmed the fact that compliments work only in moderation. This means that if you compliment someone subtly, they will tend to see you in a favorable light, but if you compliment them a lot and/or too obviously, their perception of you will be much less favorable. So if you are trying to attract a guy through compliments, make sure you don't overdo it.

7 Be All over Him

Have you ever seen those girls that are all over a guy trying to get his attention? Now, have you ever noticed the guy's face? He usually looks annoyed and like he's trying to find a way out. Don't be that girl; you will just wind up pushing a guy away if you smother him.

There are many things girls do to attract a guy. We usually learn what works from our own experiences or from observing others. What are some other things girls do to get a guy that don't actually work?

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