Ways to Get His Attention when He is Eyeing Another Girl ...


Ways to Get His Attention when He is Eyeing Another Girl ...
Ways to Get His Attention when He is Eyeing Another Girl ...

Are you hoping for ways to get his attention back when he is eyeing another girl? These ideas can help you with that. There is nothing worse for a girl than when her guy is checking out another girl or has a flirtation going on. Try these ways to get his attention back where it belongs, on you.

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Get Chatty with Her

One of the best ways to get his attention back on you is to get chatty with the girl he is eyeing or flirting with. This lets him know without saying a word that you are very well aware of what is going on. It also lets the girl know you have her number if she is actively being flirtatious with your guy. This simple step can stop a lot of this sort of issue in its tracks, and you will feel better for taking control of the situation.


Meet His Eye

This is another way to deal with your guy without saying a word. Just meet his eye when he is eyeing another girl. It tells him that you saw where his eyes were going. It is important to realize a difference between your guy noticing a girl and him actually eyeing her. We are all human and are going to notice other people that are attractive to us. But if his noticing is inappropriate or prolonged, meeting his eye can nip that in the bud.


Ask Him if He Likes What He Sees

If your guy is very obvious in eyeing another girl or does it habitually, ask him if he likes what he sees. Noticing another girl is human. Ogling her is rude, especially if he has a girlfriend. It may only take you asking him this question one time to cut this out of your relationship. If nothing else, it will make you feel better.


Two Can Play at That Game

This is not the first option that I would choose, but it is an option you can use if you think it will help your situation. Two can play at the flirting and eyeing others game. Let him catch you eyeing another guy. Let him catch another guy eyeing you back. He won’t like that at all.


Pull Away from Him

Here is a little secret about men, ladies. As we pull away from them when we are unhappy or displeased, they know it. They can sense that. It can actually draw them back to you. It makes you more attractive to them when they know you won’t tolerate their bad behavior. At least that is true of the good guys out there.


Have a Conversation about It

Sometimes it helps to just deal with the issue of him eyeing other girls head on. Have a conversation about it. Honesty can be the very best way to deal with situations like this. Tell him you notice that he does this and that it hurts your feelings and makes you feel unloved. If he cares about you at all, this will get his attention.


Walk Away

You know, if a guy really can’t keep his eyes off of other girls and these little efforts aren’t helping with that, it may be time to walk away. You are a valuable treasure. If he doesn’t realize that, he doesn’t deserve you. And what is more, you don’t want him if this is how he is going to be. Hold out for a guy that knows what a prize you are. They are out there, ladies; I know this for certain.

These tips to get his eyes back on you can work beautifully. Have you ever dated a guy with an issue of eyeing other girls? What did you do to deal?

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Well I would eyeing that girl together with him and tell him how hot she is, he would even like me more for not being jealous and obviously fun ! Btw too much jealousy can destroy a relationship, but when he takes advantages of ur kindness then obviously walk away ..

I talked to him about it and it does work. Games are stupid. Honesty always but If he still acts like he is single (even though he's walking right next to you) then BYE. He can go ogle women at a cheap bar.

I always catch him out and comfort him straight away that way he feels embarrassed. also If I do the same purposely he hate it and then I tell him that's at least u know how awful and unloving it feels.

Maybe give me ways to break up with his ass !!! Thats a better option!

Ways to get his attention while he is eyeing another girl??

Nr 1 is my favorite. You end up getting a new best friend and the boy

If he checks out another girl and you're ready to dump him, that's ridic. Everyone does it. Men will do this until the end of time. As long as it's not obvious and consistent, get over it.

I was in a serious relationship with a guy for 6 yrs. he did it all the time but denied it! tried to make out it was my imagination. I am attractive, confident and successful. been in other long term relationships and never been subjected to this b4. he cheated on his wife before me so I always felt a little unsure about him. despite me discussing it all with him it never changed one bit. lots of other problems so he's now history !

This is the dumbest article I've read on here. Really? If a guy isn't focused on you, let him go!

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