Tell What He's Thinking Just by Looking at His Pupils ...


Do you wish you had the power to read minds? Well, you can come close to reading your crush's thoughts just by looking at his pupils. The eyes really are the window into the soul, which means that you can play the part of a mindreader. Here are a few ways to tell exactly what your man is thinking just by looking at his pupils:

1. Looking to the Left

When you ask him a question and he looks to the left, it's a sign that he's telling the truth. Why? Because studies show that your pupils will look to the left when you're recalling a memory. Just don't get your lefts and rights mixed up when you're looking at him, because you don't want to accuse him of being a liar when he's being perfectly honest with you.

Looking to the Right


how about when he is always smiling at you and he looks at you what is the meaning of that??
so facinating helpful...too
Helpful 😈
Hazel Green
Does this only work with men, or does it also apply with women?
Lizmarkovich - his left
when the guy looks to the left, is it his left or my left??
Sara Khan
Its awesome😊😊😊😊😊
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