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7 Ways to Let Him down Gently All Classy Girls Must Try ...

By Valencia

If a guy you like wants to go on a date, you might leap for joy and eagerly choose a time and place. However, if you’re approached by a guy you're not attracted to, it can get awkward. He might be a nice guy who’ll treat you good. But at the same time, you can't force feelings that don't exist. You don't have to say yes each time a guy asks you out. If you want to reject a guy without sounding rude, here are seven tricks to pull it off.

Table of contents:

  1. No lies
  2. Don’t pull a disappearing act
  3. Offer a compliment
  4. Let him know you can be friends
  5. Don’t gossip
  6. Don’t make him feel bad
  7. Introduce him to a friend

1 No Lies

If you're asked out by a guy you don't like, be honest and upfront with him. Making up excuses or telling lies can backfire. You can give him an honest reason without sounding like a jerk. Maybe you feel you don't have anything in common, or maybe you're not looking for a relationship right now.

2 Don’t Pull a Disappearing Act

If you receive a phone call, text message or email from a guy asking you out, don't pull a disappearing act. Understandably, it might be easier to ignore the request or pretend you didn't receive it, but this isn’t the right approach if you're trying to be sensitive and let him down gently. Don't prolong the inevitable.

3 Offer a Compliment

If asked out, don’t reject a guy and walk away without giving him a second thought — unless he’s being a complete jerk. Sometimes, it takes a lot of courage on a guy’s part to approach a girl. Be respectful and offer a compliment, if possible. If you don't know the guy well, let him know you appreciate being asked out and say thank you. Give him the same respect you would want someone to give you.

4 Let Him Know You Can Be Friends

If one of your guy friends or coworkers ask you out, things can get awkward if you say no. When rejecting a guy you know, make sure you emphasize that you can continue being friends. Your encounters might be tense or slightly weird for a little bit, but things should gradually return to normal. You don't have to avoid the person or cut off a friendship just because you don't want to date.

5 Don’t Gossip

If you're not interested in a guy who asks you out, don't gossip to your friends about him or make fun of him. Even if you feel the guy never had a chance with you, you don't have to be rude or a jerk about the situation. Simply decline the invitation and move on.

6 Don’t Make Him Feel Bad

Not only should you not talk about the guy behind his back, don't make him feel bad to his face. If you’re asked out, don't laugh in his face or ask snarky questions like “really?” You might feel this way, but you don't have to show it.

7 Introduce Him to a Friend

You may reject a guy because you feel you don't have anything in common, or maybe you're not physically attracted to him. But if you know a little about this person, you might feel he's perfect for one of your single friends. If so, offer to introduce him.

It takes a lot of guts and confidence for some guys to approach a girl. So if you're going to turn down a guy, put yourself in his shoes and be sensitive to his feelings. What are other ways to reject a guy without being rude?

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