The Absolute Tragedy of Meeting the Love of Your Life at the Wrong Time ...


If you’ve met the love of your life but aren’t currently with them, you know just how hard it is to let that person go. The Elite Daily article on this topic will probably break your heart with its truth, because getting over the love of your life is difficult. When you know that person is out there, life gets especially difficult. Mourn the love of your life (but stay a little bit hopeful!) with the help of this list!

1. You Can’t Get over Them

When you know that you’ve met the love of your life but you’re not with them, it’s nearly impossible to get over them. You know that that person is out there and you know who they are, but you can’t be with that person. Plus, nothing really big probably happened to end your relationship, making it even harder to get over the love of your life.

Nothing Really Happened in the Breakup


Definitely wrong timing. He's 30 and I'm 17. We both adore each other, but know we can't be together and it hurts like hell
I met him 25 years too late. He's been in my heart and mind for over 13 years, we are mad crazy in love, on every level. And yet, it's impossible, we can't be together. If only we'd met in our early 2...
Liv Sanderson
there's a guy I really like but I'm moving to a different country and its a 12 hour drive from here. we both really adore each other but are too young to do anything about it. does anyone have any suggestions of how to work through this one?
This how I feel ... I'm scared to make any more huge changes because I just know it'll happen again. I've never felt so secure ever in my life with anyone else.
Wrong. 😩 I'm currently in a relationship that just doesn't feel quite real to me. Like I'm almost faking but a lot of it is genuine. Yet, I cheat and lie. Because he's not the love of my life like ...
It s about my life right now. I met few months ago the ONE..THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Im on the wrong turn...divorced...broke...stuck with mortgage.. living far from each others...but we are soulmates and ...
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