The Best Sex Positions to Burn Fat ...


The Best Sex Positions to Burn Fat ...
The Best Sex Positions to Burn Fat ...

If you are currently starting out on a health and fitness journey for the summer, then I’m sure that you will be well aware of all of the different lifts, moves and routines that are most effective for burning body fat. Sure, doing things in a correct, gym based fashion is certainly one way to do it, but have you ever considered the fact that getting down and dirty with your boo can actually help you to achieve peak body goals as well? That’s right, sex can be a really helpful tool in burning body fat, you just need to know exactly how to do it to achieve the maximum benefits! Here are the best sex positions that burn fat!

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Doing it up against a wall or in a small space like a closet or staircase can really do wonders for your core muscles and limb strength! You need a lot of stamina to have sex standing up, but your arm and leg muscles will definitely thank you for it down the line!



The lotus might seem like an ordinary sex position, but it is actually really good for your core and your glutes. You also get the added bonus of facing each other in a really intimate and sexy way.


The Lotus sex position is a great way to spice up your bedroom routine while also getting a great workout. It requires both partners to support each other's weight, so it is an excellent way to strengthen your core and glutes. The close proximity of your bodies also creates a more intimate, passionate atmosphere. This position is great for those looking to burn fat and get a great workout without having to leave the bedroom.


Doggy Style

One of the most popular positions and also one of the best for burning fat. For the woman, the core, quads and glutes are doing the work, and for the guy it's quads and core too. A fine and pleasurable balancing act!



Women love this position because we get to be in control, but it's also a full body workout for your lower abs, your pelvic muscles and your calves. It’s also a great way to build stamina in the legs.



The scissor position is a great position for pregnant women because it is slower and less tiring, but at the same time it can also provide a beneficial workout for your inner thighs. Every little bit helps!


To get into the scissor position, one partner lies on their back while the other positions themselves perpendicularly, bodies overlapping like a pair of open scissors. This side-to-side motion not only engages the core muscles as you maintain your balance, but also offers the opportunity for a rhythm that can be easily controlled, allowing for a gentle or more intense workout as desired. Opting for this position means you can keep the intimacy and connection high while you both engage those muscles, making for an efficient and enjoyable experience.



This is a real test for women, as you are required to hold with your arms and legs and have your body parallel to the bed. This is the kind of position that works out everything from biceps to your triceps to abs to your quads and glutes!


The bridge position isn't just an impressive display of strength and stamina; it's like a full-body workout rolled into an intimate experience. As you maintain the pose, you're not just igniting passion but also firing up your core muscles, essential for balance and stability. And let's not forget the hamstring engagement - just when you thought your lower body was getting a break, the bridge demands attention to every muscle. This dynamic position is a fantastic way to spice things up while toning your body in a way that feels as good as it looks.



This is a great position for reach orgasm effectively, and it also exercises your core muscles and your legs. It might be difficult, but it’s definitely worth it, even more so than the Bridge position!


In the Arch position, you lie on your back and use your arms to lift your back off the bed or floor, creating an inverted U-shape with your body. Your partner then kneads your thighs and buttocks, which stimulates blood flow and helps tone those areas. Not only does this position increase flexibility, but it also requires you to engage your abdominals, offering an intense workout for your core. It may take some practice to hold the position, but the payoff in muscle strength and endurance—as well as pleasure—can be substantial.



You can burn up to 100 calories in this position. The wheelbarrow works out the arms of both the man and the woman, with the guy also using his leg muscles too.


The wheelbarrow sex position is a great way for couples to burn fat while having fun. This position requires the man to hold the woman up in a wheelbarrow-like position, with her legs in the air and her hands on the floor. The man then supports her weight while she uses her arms and legs to move. This position is a great full-body workout that tones and strengthens the arms, legs, and core muscles of both partners. Additionally, it can burn up to 100 calories in just a few minutes, making it an effective and enjoyable way to burn fat.



It’s a classic but still effective! Missionary can really help to firm up butt muscles thanks to all of the concentrated clenching, not to mention pelvic muscles that are pretty much doing all the work on this one.



The lunge might seem complicated to some couples, but it’s worth it for all the core muscle, quad and hamstring workouts! It involves the woman being on top with one leg in front of her man and one leg behind. If you can’t quite picture it, don’t be afraid to Google, but maybe not at work!

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