How to Choose the Best Condom for Better Sex ...


How to Choose  the Best Condom for Better Sex ...
How to Choose  the Best Condom for Better Sex ...

When it comes to sex, the safer you can be, the better time you are going to have, both physically and emotionally! Of course, one of the most common methods of safe sex practised across the world is the wearing of condoms, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some variety whilst also ensuring that you are having a safe and responsible time! There are plenty of different types of condoms to choose from that as well as providing protection also an enhance your experience in different ways. Here is how to choose the best condoms for better sex!

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Different Sizes

Condoms definitely are NOT one size fits all. When you are using the right condom for your partner’s penis size, things are automatically better; it’s like when a perfect shoe fits you! Make sure that your boyfriend doesn’t get defensive about what he’s packing and buy the extra large Trojans when in reality he’s on the smaller side. We all know it’s more about the motion of the ocean than the size of the boat!


Different Shapes

Of course, there is one basic shape for all condoms, the sort of sheath situation, but past that there are a few interesting things that you can play around with. Getting a ribbed condom, for example, will have the effect of providing more friction and sensation for you when your partner is penetrating.



Foreplay with condoms involved isn’t a particularly trendy thing, but it is certainly the best option for totally safe sexual experiences, You can add some fun into oral in particular by picking up a flavoured condom. It adds a touch of comedy to the proceedings, not to mention the taste of a regular condom really isn’t that great! You will be much happier to get involved with condom-based foreplay if there is a nice flavour to experience too!



Condoms come with a small amount of lubrication already included in the sachet, but when it comes to good sex, there is no such thing as too much lube! Get yourself a good lubricant and make things as smooth as possible for both parties. Not only does it make things more smooth, but it also has the added bonus of ensuring that the condom is much less likely to break thanks to friction.

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