How to Make Your Man Insanely Happy in Bed ...


How to Make Your Man  Insanely Happy in Bed ...
How to Make Your Man  Insanely Happy in Bed ...

I don’t know about you, but I get a real kick out of being able to make my man go crazy for me in the bedroom. Sex is fun, we all know that, but there’s no denying that some people are really good at it, and some people are not so good at it! Having the skills and ability to be able to please a man beyond his wildest dreams in bed is one that will get you very far in your relationship. You will have him eating out of the palm of your hand in no time! Of course, as with anything in life, having these kinds of skills is something that you can learn. Here is how to make your man insanely happy in bed!

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You shouldn’t underestimate just how hot you can get a guy simply by initiation the romance yourself. The traditional gender roles always suggest that a man is the one who is always hankering for sex, so it can really push his buttons and make him feel extra wanted when you are the one who comes to him in a sexy mood rather than the other way around.


Broaden the Range

Penetrative sex is obviously the most obvious go to when it comes to intercourse, but that doesn’t mean that you have to skip all of the other fun stuff in between! Remind him of all the other pleasurable experience you can have in the bedroom before you get to penetration. Having fun with foreplay and different games will be a break from the norm and get him really excited.


Experiment with textures, temperatures, and tastes by introducing foods like whipped cream or ice, or play with sensation by using blindfolds and feathers. Engage all of his senses to heighten his pleasure and anticipation. Tease him with kisses and touches in unexpected places, making each moment tantalizing. Communication is key—ask what he enjoys the most, or suggest new things to try together. This variety adds spice to your intimate connection, ensuring that every encounter is as electrifying as the first.

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At their core, guys like to feel masculine and powerful, so it never hurts to indulge this side of him in the bedroom. Compliment him, tell him how strong he is, how good he is making you feel. The natural competitiveness in him will be satisfied that he is doing a good job, and he will probably up his game, thanks to your remarks and encouragement too!


Tapping into his primal instincts can really turn up the heat. When you lean into his strength and capability, it builds his confidence and makes him feel unstoppable. Whisper in his ear about how safe and protected you feel in his arms. Let him take the lead and showcase his dominance, which will not only stimulate him but make for an electrifying exchange. Remember, men often equate their sexual prowess with their overall self-worth, so recognizing and applauding his masculinity can lead to an incredibly passionate and memorable experience for both of you.

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Be Vocal

Making love to a silent person is never the best, it is often super awkward, so to make sure that he is able to really release his energy and let loose, be as vocal as you can. Tell him what you like, what you want him to do, what you like that he is doing to you right now. This kind of sexy chat is something that most men can never take too much of before they reach climax!

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Don’t Be Shy

Something that you can definitely do to increase his levels of pleasure and excitement is making sure not too shy as you are making love. If you are keeping quiet and just going along with the motions, that is not going to be a great turn on or encouragement for him. He will be much more turned on if he can physically see and feel that you are having a wonderful time. Don’t be bashful, let your freak flag fly!

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