5 Easy Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life ...


5 Easy Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life ...
5 Easy Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life ...

Sex is fun, right? I think that’s something that we can all agree on! Whether you are in the honeymoon stages of a new fling or still going strong in a decades long relationship, you should always try to make sex as exciting and awesome as possible. Over time there is an inevitable slowing down in pace and enthusiasm, simply through extreme familiarity with your partner, but you should always try to keep your sex life as fresh feeling as possible. If your love making with your boo has started to feel a little mundane and average, then take a look at these five easy ways to spice things up in the bedroom!

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Create Anticipation

Try to find ways of building up anticipation for having sex. For example, during the day send a couple of saucy texts to your partner telling them how much you are looking forward to getting into bed with them tonight. They will have all day to think about it and they will get worked up into a frenzy by the time you actually get together later on!


Change Your Goals

Sometimes a sex life goes stagnant because of certain problems in libido or sexual performance from a partner, but just because they can’t perform fully doesn’t mean that you should forget it all together. There are lots of different levels of sexual intimacy that you can enjoy, from foreplay all the way up to traditional penetration. Do some playing around and see if you can find a happy medium that might act as a stepping stone for more in the future.


Think beyond Lust

It can sometimes be tough to get in a lusty mood when you are so familiar with your partner after years and years, so sometimes it is a matter of bypassing the pull of lust. Do something like commit to at least 15 minutes of kissing and touching in bed every night and you will soon find that the physical stimulation is what you needed to get in the mood rather than the psychology of lust. After all, it is pretty much plumbing, so if you give it a chance to run, it will always work!


Sense Stimulation

It doesn’t always pay to go straight into attempting to be sexy when you don’t feel that way. Make an effort to stimulate all of your senses by doing things like cooking a nice meal, lighting some candles, putting on some sensual music. All of these little things will add up to creating a sexy mood.


Educate Yourself

Sex can be mysterious thing, so sometimes it can be better to educate yourself about what it takes to really stimulate a partner in the way that will produce the most pleasure. There is no shame in admitting that you aren’t the best at doing certain things, we are always looking to improve in life, and sex should be no exception!

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