2. Meeting the Family & Friends

Getting serious with someone means that you'll become part of each other's families. You'll also have been introduced to his friends. If, however, you've never met his family, and distance isn't an issue, he probably doesn't see you as fitting in to that part of his life. And (unless his family are awful) why would someone who was serious about you want to keep you separate?

Talking about the Future


Shannon Bauer
I did my life back I can use can I try it and I love that I can going through my life is going to be not good in life o have been going myself and happened to me a lot my problem of ex with a boy and ...
Sadly , I don't think it's about " being hurt " by the guy when you realize you didn't mean anything , but how stupid and embarrassed you feel after wards
I used to think feeling anxious was just "butterflies", and men who made me feel nauseous were "exciting". Now I know those gut feelings are my intuition, which is never wrong. It's normal to feel a l...
Bahja M-malin
I was seeing a guy it was kind of long distance anyways that's a long story but suddenly he stopped talking to me and immediately after he started posting pictures with another girl really hurt me bcs...
Uuhhmm.. i got someone and now he's staying at NewYork and im here in Philippines. He visits me every 2 months and treats me very well. I cant say any bad thing bout him coz he's really a gentleman ...
peony blue
OK Steph5 don't feel too bad. Believe me you will get over him. I think women should be thought things about some men. Men want to sleep with women one way or the other because that is how they are ma...
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