The Difference πŸ”€ between like 😍 and Love πŸ’ ...


Sometimes, it's hard to tell if you like someone a lot or if you're actually in love with them. Of course, there are some subtle differences. If you really stop to think about your feelings, you should be able to figure it out. Here's the difference between like and love:

1. You Don't Mind His Flaws

You Don't Mind His Flaws

When you like someone, you'll be blinded by your feelings and think that they're flawless. However, when you love someone, you'll be able to see their "flaws," but you won't mind them at all.

It’s Painful to Be Apart


Can't forget about the guy only
Only 14 and felt this way so in love
i like my boyfriend but im in love with someone else...
F**k I'm in love
Kimberley Perrett
I've just realised I'm in love... I'm officially terrifiedπŸ˜‚
Nice article by the way made me remembered my breakup day just because of the 2 words like and love😒
What if my lover says after 6 years of intense love relationship that he just like me and not love and then on my breaking up reaction he what he had to say that i am breaking this relationship just b...
So true!! This was a great article πŸ™‚
Kimberly Campbell
Love is a very special thing. When I met my now husband it was very dif. Love at 1st sight for the both of us. I am so blessed😍😍
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