How to Make Falling in Love Feel like a Fairy Tale ...

By Neecey

How to Make Falling in Love Feel like a Fairy Tale ...

Love is a beautiful thing and thanks to Disney and romcoms, we grow up with an idealized view that for every princess there's a Prince Charming. How wrong that can turn out to be IRL. But that fairy tale love doesn't have to be out of reach - not if you know what you need to do - whether you're new couple or in an established relationship.

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Take Your Time

Take Your Time To make it feel especially formal and fairy tale like, stretch out the wooing period for as long as you can. Increase the excitement and want for one another.


Love before Marriage

Love before Marriage Don’t accept somebody’s proposal simply because you kind of like them and you want to be married before you turn 35. Make sure you that you completely and utterly love them before pledging the rest of your life to them!


Hold out!

Hold out! See how long you can both go without giving in to temptation and sleeping together. The time in between can feel really special as you build up to that moment of complete togetherness.


Extra Mile

Extra Mile Make the effort to go that extra mile for your partner in helping them out and being there for them whenever they need you. Going the extra mile can make you seem like Princess Charming!


Look Good

Look Good To achieve that peak Disney fairy tale type romance, you need to make sure that you and your partner always look amazing when you go out on dates together. Try to turn heads other than your own.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Give Space

Give Space Unless you are housemates that already live together, you should try not to overcrowd one another in the early stages. Instead, give him a chance to miss you by keeping a low profile for a few days at a time.



Manners Having great manners and etiquette is essential to achieving the fairytale dream. If you want him to treat you like a lady, then you definitely have to act like one!


Stay Playful

Stay Playful Even when you are in the settled relationship stage, keep an air of magic and playfulness between you by keeping the chase alive every now and then. A little cat and mouse can be fun!


Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch If you find that you have to be apart from any stretch of time, make the effort to keep in touch through more romantic, traditional means like love letters.


New Experiences

New Experiences Don’t let the relationship go stale and normal; always be on the look out for new experiences and adventures that the two of you can go on together.


Be Loyal

Be Loyal In fairy tales, the prince and princess always have each other’s backs no matter how much trouble they are in, so make sure you replicate this by always being loyal to your partner.



Communication Communication is key to any relationship surviving, and you can live out your own fairy tale by revealing your dreams to him and having them fulfilled.


Finish Arguments

Finish Arguments Don’t ever let an argument linger and carry on for days without a proper end point. Make sure you end each night with a kiss to diffuse any tension from the day.


Stay Intimate

Stay Intimate Once you have become as intimate as you can be, don’t ignore the importance of the physical side of your relationship. Keep it bumping!



Gestures Put some fairy tale magic in your relationship by surprising each other with romantic gestures every now and then. Good surprises are always welcome.


Long Term

Long Term Show your partner that you are in it for the long haul by being open to making long term plans with them.



Optimism The key theme of fairy tales is their undying optimism, so echo this in your own relationship by always looking on the bright side.


Save Memories

Save Memories Try to turn your relationship in to a cinematic fairy tale by creating and saving as many amazing memories as possible.



Research! Keep your eye on the prize by watching and taking inspiration from all of the great fairy tale movies and shows that are on the TV. You can be just like them!

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