17 Amazing Kissing Challenges to Try with Your Man ...


17 Amazing  Kissing Challenges to Try with Your Man ...
17 Amazing  Kissing Challenges to Try with Your Man ...

Kissing your man is the most fun you'll ever have. Of course, you can make it feel even more exciting! How? Well, you can try these kissing challenges with your boyfriend:

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Kiss without Having Sex

Kiss without Having Sex If you two are sexually active, then your make-out sessions probably always lead to sex. That's why you should try kissing for a long period of time without having sex right after.


Kissing can be an incredibly intimate and romantic experience, even without leading to sex. It can be a great way to show love and affection without engaging in sexual activity. Taking the time to kiss without having sex is a great way to deepen the bond between two people and can be a fun challenge to try with your man. Kissing without having sex can increase the anticipation and pleasure of finally engaging in sexual activity. It can also be a great way to express love and affection without the pressure of having to engage in sex.


Don’t Kiss on the Lips

Don’t Kiss on the Lips You don't have to kiss during intercourse in order for it to feel amazing. Try touching each other in different ways to spice things up.


Kiss with an Ice Cube

Kiss with an Ice Cube If you suck on an ice cube before kissing, you'll give your partner a new sensation. The coldness might just turn him on.


Kiss with Your Eyes Open

Kiss with Your Eyes Open Most people close their eyes when they kiss. That's why you should see what it feels like to keep your eyes open for a change.


"guess the Candy" Kiss

Put some skittles in your mouth, kiss your boyfriend, and ask him to guess what flavor you just ate. It'll help you see how good his taste buds are.


Kiss for as Long as You Can

Kiss for as Long as You Can The longest kiss in the world lasted over 58 hours. See how long you and your boyfriend can make it.


Sure, aiming for a record-breaking kiss might be a tall order, but why not have a little fun by challenging yourselves to outdo your own personal best? Set up a cozy and romantic space, maybe with some soft music in the background, and see if you can lose track of time wrapped up in each other's embrace. Remember, it's not just about the duration, but also about enjoying the intimacy and connection that comes with a long, lingering kiss. Keep hydrated, stay comfortable, and let the world fade away as you both get lost in the moment.


Make up a New Kind of Kiss

Make up a New Kind of Kiss Challenge yourselves to make up a new kind of kiss and then create a name for it. It'll be a fun little game.


To get those creative juices flowing, brainstorm some unique elements that make a smooch special. Maybe it involves a gentle peck with a quick swirl of the tongue, followed by a soft blow of air that sends shivers down the spine – let's call it the Whirlwind Whisper. Or perhaps you both gradually lean in for the kiss from opposite directions and seal it with a tender squeeze of the hands; you could name it the Compass Connection. The point is to let loose, laugh, and add an exclusive move to your romance repertoire!


Eat Something Tasty before You Kiss

Eat Something Tasty before You Kiss Try sucking on his favorite flavor of mints before a kiss. It'll give him an unexpected surprise.


Kiss While Eating

Kiss While Eating You remember Lady and the Tramp, don't you? The next time you two eat spaghetti, eat the same piece. Then end it with a kiss!


Kiss in the Rain

Kiss in the Rain Every girl dreams of having an intense kiss in the rain. The next time clouds come out, live out that fantasy!


Embrace the magic of a cinematic moment with your beau, feeling each raindrop mix with the warmth of your lips. There's something about the downpour that amplifies the passion, making your heart race and skin tingle. Don't mind the drenched hair or soaked clothes; they only add to the raw, unfiltered emotion of the experience. Pull him close, let go of inhibitions, and seal the romance with a kiss that speaks volumes. It's not just a kiss; it's an unforgettable memory etched into both your hearts.


Recreate a Movie Kiss

Recreate a Movie Kiss You know you want to try a Spiderman kiss. Try to recreate it, and then recreate as many other movie kisses as you possibly can.


Reimagining those classic silver screen smooches together can be both hilarious and incredibly romantic. Whether it's the intensity of the kiss in the pouring rain from The Notebook or the surprisingly tender Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene, each recreated moment brings a sense of adventure and nostalgia to your love life. You'll laugh, you'll get close, and most importantly, you'll make new memories while paying homage to those iconic cinematic moments of passion. So, pucker up, practice your lines, and let the movie magic lead the way to an unforgettable kissing session!


See How Long You Can Go without Kissing

See How Long You Can Go without Kissing Try to go on a romantic date without kissing. It'll help you two realize that you don't need to get physical in order to have fun.


A Drinking Game with Kisses

A Drinking Game with Kisses Instead of drinking whenever Rick screams Carl's name during The Walking Dead, you should kiss during it. It'll make television shows even more exciting.


This twist on a classic viewing party game adds a flirtatious spin that can heat things up on the couch. Each time a character says a signature line or a recurring event happens in your favorite series, lock lips instead of taking a sip. Whether it's a dramatic declaration of love in a rom-com or the suspenseful entrance of a villain in a thriller, use those cues as your signal to smooch. Be warned: binge-watching just got a lot more intimate! Make sure to pick a show with plenty of triggers to keep the game unpredictable and thrilling.


Blindfolded Kisses

Blindfolded Kisses Put a blindfold on him. That way, he won't see the kisses coming. He'll have to rely on his senses other than sight to kiss you back.


Enhancing the sensory experience can make for an incredibly exciting encounter. With a blindfold in place, each touch becomes more intense, each breath against the skin more electrifying. His lips will search for yours with a heightened sense of anticipation, and the uncertainty of when and where your kisses will land amplifies the thrill. It’s all about savoring the moments and indulging in the playful unpredictability of blindfolded affection.


Get Close without Kissing

Get Close without Kissing Get your lips as close as you possibly can to his lips without kissing. Then see which one of you gives in and initiates the kiss.


Kiss in Public without Being Seen

Kiss in Public without Being Seen The next time you're out in public, try to find a spot where no one will see you and then make-out. Once people start popping up, act like nothing ever happened.


Popsicle Kisses

Popsicle Kisses Grab a few popsicle sticks and write different kinds of kisses on them, like french kisses and butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses. Then randomly pick up the sticks and do as they say.

There's no better feeling than pressing your lips up against your man. What other kissing challenges can you come up with?

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