10 Cheesy Things We do when Our Boyfriends Arent around ...

By Holly

If you're madly in love with your partner, it'll be hard to spend time without him. According to Cosmopolitan, here are a few things women do when their boyfriends aren't around:

Table of contents:

  1. re-reads every single one of your texts together
  2. goes through your texts and screencaps them so she can remember the really cute stuff you said
  3. makes a secret pinterest wedding board just in case
  4. look at your friends' engagement ring photos and think about what kind of ring you'd want. (and whether he'd get it right.)
  5. looks through his cute facebook pictures of his cute face
  6. think about what your first dance would be at your wedding and if you would feel totally awkward the whole time it's happening
  7. replays the moment when you two first met in a ridiculous amount of detail
  8. looking at his baby pictures
  9. thinking of how he'll propose to you
  10. playing "if we met sooner" in your mind

1 Re-reads Every Single One of Your Texts Together

It's always nice to relive sweet memories.

2 Goes through Your Texts and Screencaps Them so She Can Remember the Really Cute Stuff You Said

There are some texts that we'll want to read ten years down the road.

3 Makes a Secret Pinterest Wedding Board Just in Case

A girl has to be prepared.

4 Look at Your Friends' Engagement Ring Photos and Think about What Kind of Ring You'd Want. (and Whether He'd Get It Right.)

You know that he would, because he just knows you so well.

5 Looks through His Cute Facebook Pictures of His Cute Face

Nothing makes you happier than seeing his smiling face.

6 Think about What Your First Dance Would Be at Your Wedding and if You Would Feel Totally Awkward the Whole Time It's Happening

You don't want to wait until the last minute to think of these things.

7 Replays the Moment when You Two First Met in a Ridiculous Amount of Detail

That's the moment when your life changed forever.

8 Looking at His Baby Pictures

When you're comfortable with his family, his parents will start pulling out all of the funny baby pictures--he'll most likely be so embarrassed but seeing him as a child in his most vulnerable moments is quite hilarious and adorable!

9 Thinking of How He'll Propose to You

Will he propose in a small, intimate setting, or in front of a crowd? Will it be all over social media, or something shared between the two of you and your families? You're already thinking into the future and so excited for the day!

10 Playing "if We Met Sooner" in Your Mind

Thinking of how your relationship would be different if you met as little kids and thinking of all of the different scenarios. Would he think differently of you when you had frizzy hair, braces, and glasses?! So cute.

Do you do any or all of these things?

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