The Most Horrible ⛔️ Deal Breakers ⛔️ for Men Who Date 👫 ...


You might think that a date went extremely well, but when that date never calls you or texts you back, you'll be left wondering what you did wrong. Sometimes, you'll never find out what went through his mind that made him decide to reject you. Even though his decision might have more to do with himself than it has to do with you, there's always a change that you did something he wasn't a fan of. That's why you should be aware of the most common deal breakers for men, which are as follows:

1. She Craves Drama

Most men hate drama. They understand that everyone occasionally has bad things to say about their friends, but if you're always ranting about something and are never happy, he probably won't be happy either. If someone starts a fight with you, it isn't your fault. However, if someone says one little thing to you and you start arguing over nothing, he won't want to be dragged into the mess again and again.

She's Obsessed with Herself


I feel like I pushed my crush away
Learned a thing
I like them
These points are very true
@Sarah I'm agree with u
These points are very true and they apply to both parties, men and women!
peony blue
@Cassieculbreth I am very much aware of that but it is is all about what wen should do and what men should do should be on this too. This is all about male and female dynamics after all...
I'm a flirter, but he loves me for it 😇
Peony there are a million articles on AWT about that.
peony blue
I hope you bring out one about how men should behave as well after all it takes two to tango
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