The 10 Most πŸ‘Œ Critical Questions πŸ€” to Ask πŸ’¬ for a Lasting ⏳ Relationship πŸ’‘ ...


When it comes to sparking a love connection with somebody, it might be fair to say that a lot of the initial emotion and feeling of the situation is completely instinctual. Things like physical attraction and lust come in to play more than other factors, and this is totally fine for a quick fling, but when you start to think about taking things to the next stage, it is time to take things a little more seriously. There are definitely certain factors that you need to consider before making the commitment to enter into a longer lasting partnership, is it worth it if you don’t think that it’s going to last? Here are the ten most critical questions to ask yourself for a lasting relationship.

1. Are We a Good Fit?

You might fancy the pants off of each other on a physical level, but are you a good fit emotionally? Are you both on the same level in terms of maturity? That is what is needed for a long-term success.

Do We Have a Strong Friendship?


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