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The Secret to Getting a Man's Attention Based on His Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

They say that in general, men can be very simple creatures to interact with and understand, so why is it, then, that it can sometimes be really hard to get their attention!? If you like a guy but for some reason he doesn’t seem to notice that you even exist, it might be time to look to the stars for some advice and inspiration! Here is the secret to getting his attention according to his zodiac sign.

1 Aries

You can get an Aries guy in the palm of your hand easily; all you have to do is stroke his ego and make sure that he knows it by giving him lots and lots of compliments!

2 Taurus

It’s all about earning a Taurus’ trust. If he feels like you are someone who he can confide in and be vulnerable with, you will get his attention immediately and unequivocally.


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3 Gemini

You will win over a Gemini by showing off your intellect and your sophistication. They can never resist a girl who they think can teach them a thing or two!

4 Cancer

Show him that you are someone who is going to be able and willing to take care of him. All Cancer guys want deep down is someone to look after them!

5 Leo

For a classic Leo, all you need to do is make sure that you make him the centre of attention! He will feed off that attention and love that fact that you are the one who arranged it to be that way!

6 Virgo

Virgo guys are attracted to good deeds, so if you can do things like volunteer and help people out when you can, you will soon get his undivided attention.

7 Libra

The way to a Libra guy’s heart is through natural charm, and dancing! If you can get him under your spell with some sexy, seductive moves, he will be yours for as long as you want him to be!

8 Scorpio

Scorpios love to share their passions and talk about their interests, so find out what his hobbies are and make sure to bring them up and get a good conversation flowing.

9 Sagittarius

His eye will definitely be caught by a woman who knows what she wants both in terms of personal life and professional life. You will definitely get his attention if you can put across a persona of a head bitch in charge!

10 Capricorn

Weirdly, independence is what catches a Capricorn’s eye. The more you ignore him, the more he’ll want to chase you; it’s a classic game of cat and mouse!

11 Aquarius

The quickest way to an Aquarius’ heart and attention is to just be yourself. They can’t stand fake personas, and they can pick up on them almost immediately.

12 Pisces

A Pisces man is always susceptible to extreme feminine charms, so pull out all of your biggest secret lady tips and blow him away with your extreme femininity!

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