The Toxic Relationship Habits You Have According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Toxic Relationship Habits You Have According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

When you are in a relationship, you spend a lot of time trying to make sure that it stays healthy and positive, and for the most part, successful relationships continue to be so. However, no matter what kind of partner you naturally tend to be, there is a small voice inside everyone that can persuade them to do things that will negatively impact on their romantic life. For the most part, you can keep this voice under control and ignore it, but sometimes, it has the potential to break out in the form of toxic habits. Here are the toxic habits in relationships for each zodiac sign.

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You can be really stubborn when it comes to telling someone how you really feel, which can make them think that they are causing a problem when they aren’t.



You find it hard to let go of your competitive nature, and this can get tiring and unattractive when you are in a relationship with someone, always needing to do better than them.



You are the kind of person who makes lots of verbal commitments, but hardly ever follows through with all of them. This can negatively impact on your partner.



You can’t help but take the relationship too seriously, even in the early stages, which means that you get very possessive very quickly, and don’t really give your boo time to breathe.



You are a classic Leo in the sense that you always need to be on top and in control, which can often lead to your partner starting to feel very inferior and undermined.

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To put it simply, you are super jealous! Your constant accusations and jealous behaviour are enough to drive any partner away, even if they are the perfect person for you!



You are great at taking care of problems, but this sometimes leads to you creating problems that weren’t there in the first place, just so you can try to fix them. No relationship needs that kind of orchestrated drama.



You have pretty much a zero tolerance policy when it comes to not getting things your own way. You are so stubborn that you can’t even spell the word compromise!



You have the constant feeling like you are missing out on something, which can be a really detrimental attitude to have for your partner, who will start to think that they are not enough for you.



You are fiercely independent, but almost to a point where you can sometimes make your partner feel like they aren’t a needed presence in your life.



Your inability to stand up for yourself means that you will let little problems slide, but they will only turn into bigger problems down the road and you will be worse off.



You are someone who flourishes when there is drama in your life, so when you are going through a happy, calm period, you pose the risk of going out to look for it just so you have something to participate in.

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