The Writing May Be on the Wall 💔for Your Relationship 👫if He Starts Saying 🧔These 7 Things 💬 ...


It’s a universal fact that every couple goes through ups and downs in their relationship, and most of the time these issues get solved in a mature and loving way. But what about those times when things cross a line and you think that it might be time to end the partnership for good? What if you notice that he is becoming more distant or less loving, wanting to spend less time with you? If you are someone who isn’t the best at reading the signs, then it can be a tricky journey to navigate. The writing may be on the wall for your relationship is he starts saying these things.

1. “We Don’t Need to do Everything Together”

If this comes completely out of the blue, then it could be a sign that he is starting to not want you around when he is out and about. This is especially the case if he is talking about things that you did used to do together with no problems at all.

“I Just Need Some Space”


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