Why There's No Point in Looking for Your Soul Mate ...

By Sici

Why  There's No Point in Looking for Your Soul Mate ...

Want to know why there's no point in looking for your soul mate? If you look back at lots of the stories we are told as children, along with all the movies we see, and the TV shows we binge watch, there is a strong thread running through most of the narratives relating to the fact that everyone in the world has that one special person who is out there, waiting to be found and waiting to be connected, a soul mate. Now, I don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with believing in soul mates, but I also hold the opinion that people who become obsessed with finding their one true predestined love can end up missing out on a whole host of other opportunities and experiences in the mean time! Here are some reasons why there's no point in looking for your soul mate.

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You Can’t Cheat Time

Love happens when it happens, there is no forcing it or postponing it. You can’t make somebody reciprocate feelings for you just because you suspect they are your soul mate, and you shouldn’t hold on being with somebody because you aren’t sure whether they are truly ‘the one’. Just live your life and let things unfold in their own special and unique way. And that's one good reason why there's no point in looking for your soul mate.


Not Everyone Has One

Perhaps living an eternal life with a soul mate isn’t the path the fate has laid out for you? If you believe that soul mates exist, you also need to be prepared for the possibility that not everybody gets to be paired off in that way. Some people are destined for the bachelor life, others might want to be polyamorous, it’s not as simple as two magnets finding each other from across a room.


Not Always Romantic

Who says that a soul mate has to be in the form of a romantic partner? Have you ever considered the fact that you might have already found your one special person, they just happen to be in the form of a best friend or a wonderful sibling, maybe even your mom? The universe has put those people into your life too, so maybe they are your version of a soul mate rather than a husband.


Losing out on Love

Your expectations of falling head over heels for an instant soul mate might actually be preventing you from experiencing a different kind of love with a different kind of partner. Not all love sparks off at first sight. You might be holding back on what could be the best relationship of your life just because you don’t associate your feelings for that person as the same feeling that you assume a soul mate inspires.


Setting Yourself up for Disappointment

The belief that there is a soul mate out there somewhere, waiting for you to find them can be harmful to you because the longer you go without them, the more despondent you will become. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one potentially false basket, just try to take every new connection as it comes rather than trying to build up to a big reveal that might never come.

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HARSH. The concept is overly romantic, but let a girl have her dreams.