5 Things That Are Keeping You Single ...


5 Things That Are Keeping You Single ...
5 Things That Are Keeping You Single ...

Have you ever wondered why you are still single? There are definitely some things that are keeping you single. Tired of seeing everyone you know in a relationship? Are you wondering why you haven’t found Mr. Right? If you have tried online dating, went on blind dates, did speed dating and still haven’t found that special someone the problem may lie with you. You may be making mistakes that are keeping you single. Things like being too clingy will keep you in the dating scene a lot longer. Here are 5 things that are keeping you single.

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Being Too Clingy

This is one of the top things that are keeping you single. Being too clingy will ruin your chances with a guy regardless if you are in a relationship or just dating. No man loves a woman who he finds clingy. This means you expect him to spend time with you and no one else all the time. You call him 24/7. If he doesn’t answer you blow up at him. Men do not like women who act like this. You will eventually drive him away into the arms of another woman.

He wants a woman who actually lets him spend time with his friends, a woman who is patient and understanding. His life cannot revolve around you. That is not a realistic expectation. If he is really into you he will call often. He will want to spend time with you all the time. You will not have to force him to do it.


Being Too Possessive

Being too possessive means you constantly check his phone, email, and question his whereabouts constantly. This is a big no-no, especially if you are just dating him. It just proves to him that you are too insecure. In other words, don’t expect him to act like a boyfriend when you are just dating. There has to be a clear statement of commitment.

Don’t act like a girlfriend if he isn’t acting like your boyfriend. Even acting possessive in a relationship will just push him away. Don’t act like you have to mark and protect your territory from other women. If he is really into you he will want to be exclusive. He will turn other women away on his own. If he has an ex he will keep her out of his life. You won’t have to say anything to her on his behalf.


Acting Too Uninterested

At some point, the playing hard to get routine has to end. If you like him and he likes you it’s totally okay to drop the act. The guy you are dating has to know that you are into him. I am not saying you have to throw yourself at him. You can let him know in subtle ways that the feeling is mutual. Men are not mind readers. If you never show any signs of interest he will move on. Be honest with your feelings. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from going after the men you want. Men like to feel wanted in a relationship. It’s okay to put yourself out there.


Being Too Picky

I am all for having standards. I don’t believe that you have to settle. But it is possible to be too picky. If you are having the time of your life with a guy, don’t write him off because he wore the wrong shoes. If he meets all your criteria except for his height don’t break it off or even worse put him in the friend zone. If you are constantly putting the guys you meet in the friend zone, something is wrong.

There is no guy on this earth who will check all of your boxes. A friend of mine just learned this lesson. There was a guy who was into her for years. But she always turned him away because he wasn’t her type. But she finally decided to give him a chance. Once she did she realized that they had so much in common. She never met a guy who she clicked with so well.


Being Too Cynical

Believe it or not men like women who have a positive outlook. I have seen so many men put in their dating profiles that they are looking for someone who is upbeat. Have you ever met a person who was cynical and friendly? Guys want to know that you will get along with their family and friends. Being with a woman who constantly rains on his parade will get old very quickly. You don’t have to be upbeat 24/7. Just don’t be a Debbie Downer all the time.

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