Why You Keep Going Back to Your Ex ...


Ever wondered why you keep going back to your ex? Breakups are an inevitable part of romantic life, and another unfortunate fact is that human beings are complicated and stupid and sometimes don’t know when they need to stop repeating bad behaviours! One particular bad behaviour that I think most people can relate to is the act of going back to an ex again and again, even when you know that it isn’t a sensible or wise thing to do. You broke up with this person for a reason, yet you find yourself back in the same position with them repeatedly; isn’t it strange just how common this can be? To help you find some clarity, here are a few reasons why you keep going back to your ex.

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You Think They Can Change

Thinking they'll change is one of the most common reasons why you keep going back to your ex. You go back every time with the belief that this is going to be the time that he really does change, but the unfortunate truth is that a leopard doesn’t change its spots. The moment you get back together, he will most likely revert back to the person he was when you were originally a couple, and that puts you back in the same undesirable situation.


Can’t Let Go

You need to realise that just because you love someone or have strong feelings for them, it doesn’t mean that they are right for you! We all have the ability within us to fall for a bad boy, so it is best to listen to your head over your heart in these situations because your heart doesn’t always have your best interests in mind!



You find yourself back in the same old relationship because it feels comfortable and it's much easier to revert back to the familiar instead of searching for something new. This might be the case, but you need to remember that you left that relationship for a reason, a reason that will probably resurface as soon as you are both back together again.


Fear of Singledom

You have a really big fear of being single so you go back to him to take up the easiest option. Trust me when I say that being in a bad relationship is far worse than being in no relationship at all because at least if you are single you aren’t wasting your time and energy on somebody that you know deep down is not worth it.



Don’t let your ex persuade you into giving it another try with them out of pure pity, because your romantic life and future shouldn’t be dictated by charity! You might feel guilty about the split, but that doesn’t mean that you owe them another shot when they ask for it!



Do you feel the pressure to be in a relationship from those around you? It can be tough to be single if all of your friends and family members are coupled up and happy, so going back to an ex is always an easy fix for things like bringing him to parties and social occasions. Be strong, it’s really not worth it!

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