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Society conditions us to view males in a certain way, but there are things you shouldn’t expect men to know. Not everyone has the same set of knowledge. Each individual person is different, and you can’t expect the same things from everyone. If you accidentally give into stereotypes, then you have to remember that there are some things you shouldn’t expect men to know.

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Car Care

When your car breaks down, you might expect him to open up the hood and fix the problem. Even though your father and brothers were pros at automobile repair, your man might not have the same skill set. One of the things you shouldn’t expect men to know is how to change a tire. Just because you know the name and make of every car that passes doesn’t mean that he does. Cars might not interest him.


Sports Scores

Watching football every Sunday doesn’t make you a man. It’s perfectly acceptable for women to love sports, so why can’t a guy hate them? He doesn’t have to be obsessed with a certain team. He can spend his nights watching The Walking Dead instead. If you’re not a sports fan either, then his apathy is good news for you, because you won’t be stuck watching any games.


Your Thoughts

No man will ever be able to tell exactly what you’re thinking. If you want him to kiss you a certain way or buy you a specific gift, you have to tell him. Some men are better at reading signs than others, but you shouldn’t expect any of them to read your mind. You have to speak up if you want to be happy. He’ll be thankful for your help.


Bodybuilding Techniques

Some men live at the gym while others would rather enjoy a full day of snacking. As long as he’s healthy, there’s nothing wrong with the latter. Not every guy knows what protein shakes are the most affordable, or what exercises strengthen their abs. If you’re an avid exerciser, you might prefer to be with someone who shares your enthusiasm. Otherwise, does it really matter how many pushups he can do?


Poker Face

Not all guys are master gamblers. Some people prefer to save their money instead of risking it. He might not know the rules to every card game, and he might be horrible at poker. If you end up with him, you should be thankful that he’s not willing to gamble away your cash. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe. Life can be better that way.


How to Hide Feelings

Men try to appear tough by hiding their feelings, but not every guy can do so. Some men cry easier than others do, but that doesn’t alter their level of manliness. There’s nothing wrong with an emotional male. If he’s in touch with his feelings, he’ll understand yours better. It can make for a stronger relationship, so don’t fault him for expressing his emotions.


Handle Alcohol

Some people love it, and other people hate it. Don’t be concerned if your man declines an offer to go to the bar. If he can’t handle his scotch, don’t tease him about it. You don’t want to be with an alcoholic, anyway. Plus, you’ll end up saving money by not buying a six pack every other day.

It’s impossible to group an entire gender together. Every individual person is different, so you can’t believe the norms that stereotypes try to set. Do you ever find yourself expecting a man to act in a certain way simple because he’s a male?

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My hubby all the way!! Every single one.

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My boyfriend isn't a big drinking sadly....

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