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If boys take these things American boys can learn from the Brits, maybe girls wouldn’t mind that they don’t have accents as much. For some reason, American girls cannot get enough of Brits. It might just be the accent, but I think these things have a huge part of it. While I love the men in America, there is some room for improvement. Add in these things American boys can learn from Brits and they would be perfect.

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One of the top things American boys can learn from the Brits is fashion. All too often on my campus I see men in sweatpants and beat up t-shirts. And while I love American men, I do think they could take a page from the Brits and spruce up their outfits a bit. You almost always see Brits in nice outfits that are tailored and put together. I wouldn’t mind seeing that more often in the States.


Personal Appearance

That being said, I also think British men take a bit more time in their overall appearance besides their choice of clothing. Their hair is always neat, their facial hair is groomed, and they take care of their clothes. Those Americans who let their beards grow out and let their hair grow till it looks like a mop could learn a thing or two about how to look well-groomed at all times.



It might just be the accent, but everything a British man says just sounds better. Even without the accent, British men seem to have an eloquence that some American men just can’t replicate. They have stronger vocabularies and tend to use them in more common situations.


Sense of Humor

Anyone who has seen Monty Python can attest that British men have a great sense of humor. Rather than the raunchy humor we have in America, I wish more men would produce the witty humor created by Monty Python, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and Ricky Gervais.


Proper Swearing

Even when British men swear it sounds nice. Their swear words just sound so much better than ours. I will not give any examples, but they tend to sound more sophisticated and less crude than American cursing. Although that might just be the accent…who knows?


Their Shyness

Time and time again, you will hear that British men are way more timid when approaching women. They take their time, do not make many moves, and are all around more shy. While some girls love the aggressive approach of men, I think it is cute that British men are more timid around girls. It is something new and refreshing on the dating scene. Rather than going up to girls and acting cocky, some men could take a page from British men and act a bit more timid and reserved around them.



Chivalry was practically invented in Britain. British men are known to still open doors for women, pull out their chair, and still act chivalrous. It is not the biggest problem I have with American men, but it would still be nice to be treated like a lady sometimes by men.

While I love American men, there are some great things that British men do that Americans can learn from. What did you think of these things Americans can learn from Brits? Are there any other things American can learn from Brits? Do you prefer American men or British men or do you love them all?

Sources: bbcamerica.com

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Seriously though, most of the British guys I've ever met are stuck up and your take on American guys is stereotypical maybe it's because I live in the south, but most young men here are very considerate and complete gentlemen. Maybe you should do some more personal research...

😁😁😁 I think it's vice versa..

British boys aren't like that at all, unfortunately </3

I don't think the writer of this has actually been to Britain (and I'm not talking about going to London). Where I'm from you don't get any boys like that. Don't believe everything you see on tv

U guys r hanging with the wrong crew then!

I feel like you are making sweeping generalizations through out this entire article. Though based on what you said, it can be concluded that British men tend to be more proper while American men are more relaxed. I prefer American men. I think a lot of girls would agree. Maybe it's just the culture we identify with that persuades us to find certain features attractive. Maybe in British culture, a proper man may be more desirable but I find that here in America, a lot of emphasis on what makes a man sexy is how masculine he is. Protective, strong, rugged, honest and hardworking, ect. That's probably why everyone finds cowboys so tough and sexy haha

This would be more helpful if it were also posted on somewhere guys could read it instead of on a womens' app...but I agree

If you take it upon yourself to tell other people how to be "better" it would be a good idea to double check your work. Some of the "advice" isn't bad (dressing nicer, and better up-keep) but I personally couldn't take it seriously because of the spelling errors and childish tone. Next time tone down the high school girl attitude and read it out loud to make sure you catch simple errors.

All men are different no matter where in the world you go. Unfortunately only a handful of men in britain are like how you described.

Tbh i haven't met a guy that fits that "british" description you have given, and I live in Britain!

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