7 Reasons Why Bad Men Are like Junk Food ...


7 Reasons Why Bad Men Are like Junk Food ...
7 Reasons Why Bad Men Are like Junk Food ...

Bad men are like junk food – they look good, you have euphoric high when you’re together, but afterwards you are left with a bad taste in your mouth and an upset stomach. Dating bad men can become a habit, one that you need to break. By comparing the traits of men to say, a cheeseburger, you will be able to get some clarity on why you keep picking bad men, so that you can start making good choices. So stop binge dating and start looking for men that are actually good for you. Here are 7 reasons why bad men are like junk food.

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Cheese Burgers Look Good

It all starts when you see the adverts on the TV; you are drawn into the looks and hype. Cheeseburgers advertised on the TV simply look divine and suddenly you think to yourself, I must have one of those delicious morsels. Bad men are like junk food; you see the likes of Damon from the Vampire Diaries or Chris Hemsworth and you think "I don’t care how they treat me – I want him." Well I am here to tell you girls that good looks are only skin deep. Stop picking men based on appearance and self-marketing and dig a bit deeper.


Just like those cheeseburgers tempting you with their perfect, glistening layers of cheese and perfectly grilled patties, those bad men lure you in with their chiseled jaws and charisma. But let's face it, once the initial rush fades, you're left with the aftertaste of regret. Much like the empty calories that provide no nutrition, a relationship based on looks alone offers little substance. Look for the greens of intellect and the protein of emotional maturity; these are ingredients for a fulfilling relationship, tastier than any fast food and far more nourishing for the heart and soul.


I Am an Addict for the Salt and Sugar

One of the reason we are drawn to junk food is the high levels of salt and sugar. They make the food taste so good and are extremely addictive. But let’s not be naïve, we all know that salt and sugar are TOXIC. They clog our arteries, make our skin wrinkly and send us on a roller coaster of emotions. Snap!,Bad men similarly send us on a wave of emotions. When you are together you love the thrill, the adrenaline and all the feel good endorphins that are released – but deep down you know that they are bad for you! Can you break this addiction?


Our cravings often lead us straight into the arms of those savory snacks and sweet treats, just like they sometimes steer us towards those charismatic but damaging men. The temporary bliss we experience in their presence is promptly overshadowed by the long-term consequences they imprint on our well-being. Indeed, the immediate gratification is hard to resist, but it fades quickly, leaving us with the repercussions of our unhealthy choices. Whether it's our physical health or emotional stability at stake, this pattern of addiction is one that demands our strength and determination to overcome.


The Guilt

After your cheeseburger you begin to feel guilt and remorse – what have you done? You knew that it was bad for you and went ahead anyway. Even if you enjoyed yourself, making bad choices can be bad for your mental health and your self-esteem. Rather than beating yourself up, assess your feelings and figure out why you are unhappy? Could it be because although dating a bad man feels good in the moment, he isn’t part of your long term goals?


Much like sneaking that late-night chocolate bar, the immediate rush from a so-called bad man can be thrilling. Yet, the aftermath often leaves a bitter taste of 'what if'. Reflect on these emotions; they're signaling that your values may not align with your actions. Acknowledge that a fleeting pleasure does not equate to lasting happiness, and this understanding can be the first step towards choosing partners who complement, not complicate, your life journey.


Feeling Sick

Sometimes after eating junk food I feel physically sick. What do they even put in those cheeseburgers? At such a cheap price surely they don’t use quality meat. Although at the time you loved seeing your bad man, afterwards you are left feeling nauseous, depressed, sad and unsatisfied. Bad men make you SICK. Unless you stop eating cheeseburgers you will keep making yourself ill. There is no solution but to simply stop and pick something that doesn’t make you feel bad.


Just like those greasy fries and sugary sodas, bad men provide a momentary thrill, a quick fix of fun. But what's lurking beneath? You're ingesting empty calories emotionally, and that aftertaste? It's regret and worry. The low-grade ingredients in fast food parallel the low-quality treatment from a bad partner. You deserve to nourish your heart with someone who's wholesome, just as you'd feed your body with nutritious food. Make the choice for premium, not processed emotions. It's time to choose self-care over that tempting, yet ultimately harmful, indulgence.


Low Quality Meat

Yes cheeseburgers are generally made of low quality beef - it’s no prime steak you have chosen to consume. Choosing a bad man is simply a bad investment of time, money and yourself. Bad men may buy you fancy dinners or treat you to expensive presents, but money can’t buy a girl's love! Bad men don’t invest in the things that really matter to you, like family, friends, time together and enjoying life. Don’t be content with a poor imitation of the real deal. Bad men are not husband material so forget them and start searching for quality.


Similarly to opting for the multi-pack of processed burger patties rather than the grass-fed sirloin, settling for less than you deserve in a relationship can leave you feeling empty, despite the initial appearance of a full belly. Think of it as consuming empty calories—plenty on the plate but nothing for your heart's true nourishment. Like junk food, these relationships might offer instant gratification, but they lack the vital ingredients for a healthy connection. Invest your affections where they will yield well-being and joy, not just a momentary sizzle.


Okay I'll Try the Veggie Burger Instead

So you have started to acknowledge that perhaps cheeseburgers aren’t quite right for you, so you figure why not try a veggie burger instead? Come on lady, who are you kidding?! A burger is a burger, whether it’s a chicken burger, fish burger or even a veggie burger. Don’t settle for less than you a worth; there is so much variety in life that you really don’t have to lower your standards. Don’t switch and choose between bad men. Instead wait, build up a bit of an appetite and then choose a really good man that you deserve! We all deserve a man that treats us well and makes us feel good about life.


Think of it, a veggie burger might seem like the smarter choice after a cavalcade of greasy meals, but in reality, it can be just as unsatisfying if it doesn't hit the spot. Don't confuse a healthy label for a healthy relationship. Just like food, you're allowed to crave something more tantalizing than a bland patty. Hold out for that gourmet experience, the one bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection. The one that resonates with your soul. Remember, settling is never an option, especially when it comes to your heart.


You Are Not Fat

I may as well enjoy myself and have a cheeseburger because for that short while I feel good about myself. It’s no secret that many people comfort eat when they feel low and depressed. Binge eating when you are low is addictive – if choosing to eat healthily every day was easy than there wouldn’t be so many fast food stores. Choose to be strong! You are not as fat or weak as you imagine. Be a strong, confident, independent and fearless female – don’t be afraid to fly solo and kick your habit of bad men. No matter what, please believe me when I say that you are worthy of a good wholesome man.

If you have found yourself in a spiral of dating toxic men, now is the time to take stock. Start choosing men not on appearance or quick thrills, but on the things that really matter. Are they good to you? Do they try their best for you? Do they call when they say they will? What are you really looking for in life a quick fix – or a fixer upper? I’m not sure if I believe it, but they do say you are what you eat, so stop eating junk and put some salad in your trunk. Do you agree that bad men are like junk food?

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This honestly just made so much sense it blew my mind! Going to remember this junk food analogy for the future. I'll pick the healthy food.


Does this mean all good looking men are cheeseburgers?! Why does it seem the more attractive ones are the ones with a bad attitude. Why can't there be sexy and sweet combined lol

Perfectly described my current infatuation! Its so hard to let go though! esp once you get your teeth in that juicy burger! It's better to never try it ...

These were simply the best metaphors for bad boys ever.

@Lustbandit, exactly I feel the same way

Really true

This is the best thing I've read all day!

I needed this , Thank you !

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