7 Things That Push Men Away ...

By Emily

We do things that push men away a lot more often than we think. We all have lists in our heads of things that men do that turn us off, but this is a two-way street, ladies, and you don’t want to go headfirst into oncoming traffic! Here are some things that push men away.

1 Drama

This is definitely one of the top things that push men away. Women tend to be involved in more drama than men. It’s true that your boyfriend will be there to listen to you when you’re having issues, but being catty won’t highlight your best qualities. And being overly dramatic about some petty issue, such as why he didn’t call you back within ten minutes, will make him question the relationship. Try not to make a huge deal of something that can be easily fixed!

2 Possessiveness

Do you constantly check up on your boyfriend? If so, you might want to back off a little bit. When guys receive too many "Where are you?" texts, they tend to get annoyed. They don’t want to be in a relationship with their mom. You might think this is just you caring about him, but to him, it will feel like you don’t trust him, or worse, like you are trying to control him.

3 Playing Dumb

Unfortunately, we have all probably done this at some time or other. At first blush, some guys think this is kind of cute. It makes them feel like we need them to help us, to teach us, and to be with us. But playing dumb will lead you down the wrong path. He might eventually feel like you’re taking advantage of him or that you just aren’t capable of taking care of yourself, let alone you and him... and most guys worth having, think a smart girl is much more worth dating.

4 Clingy

A guy has got to have his own space! How much space a guy needs will vary. Some guys think that having dinner a few times a week together is clingy, while others think that you never leaving his side is clingy. Make sure to observe him to figure out where he lies on the spectrum! When you give him his space, he will really appreciate your understanding and thoughtfulness – and he will try to make the time you do spend together that much more worthwhile.

5 Living in the past

It’s okay to share your past once you get comfortable with your new guy. Just don’t dwell on it. Not yours, not his, not "ours." Don’t compare him to a fling that you had before, or yourself to anyone in his past – and definitely don’t dwell on a past disagreement that you two had. If you see him in your future, try to get past it and things will work out for the better!

6 Dishonesty

We hate being lied to. So why do we do it? It doesn’t protect a relationship; in fact, it might destroy it. Communication is key in a relationship, so if you say things that you don’t mean, what’s the point? Try to express yourself, even if not eloquently, and have your boyfriend point out things that he doesn’t understand. Always make an attempt to talk things out. Believe me, it works wonders! Remember that time you told him you loved that shirt with the stripes, even though really, you can't stand it? Well, what are you going to do now that he wears it all the time to please you?

7 Power Struggle

I always cringe when I hear people joking about who wears the pants in a relationship. There’s really no need to assign someone complete power. You and he work well together, and you each have a say in different areas. So don’t be obsessive over who has more power. Instead, try to share opinions and speak up.

Each relationship will have different issues, so make sure you tailor these to your own needs. But those are 7 things that push men away. After all, he’s attracted to you! Maybe just fix up a few of the mentioned quirks, and he’ll be more head over heels for you! What are some things that turn you off? Have you been guilty of doing any of these things?

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