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As much as they break our hearts and drive us crazy, there are some simple things that I just love about men. We can’t live with them and yet we can’t live without them – I think it is far too difficult to understand the other sex, rather I think we should just appreciate some of the good qualities that they bring to the table. After all life would be far too easy and boring if we didn’t have men to stir things up a little! Here is a list of the things - not a complete list, of course! - that I love about men.

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They Are so Warm

They Are so Warm My number one thing that I love about men – is that they are so warm. Have you noticed how it can be freezing cold and yet some men are still walking around in shorts and t-shirts? I think to myself that they must be crazy! But lots of men are simply warmer than us. They are walking, talking radiators – ideal for heating up cold toes and snuggling up to when winter sets in. Rather than reaching for a hot water bottle, grab a man – they are far more fun and cozy.


They Are Strong

They Are Strong Men are physically built to be hunters and gatherers – this means that their build allows them to be strong. Handy for opening tight jam jars, lifting heavy shopping bags and generally helping with chores around the home that require strength. Rather than struggling with heavy items and risk hurting your back, call in the heavies, the men.


They Help Us Make Babies

They Help Us Make Babies Yes, men are very necessary for procreation. Men are key to making babies, we simply can’t make them alone. They are the fathers of our children – and often role models, providers and integral to a loving family. We CAN have babies on our own, of course, but in my view, it's a lot more fun with men.


They Look Good Naked

They Look Good Naked Well let’s be honest – men are easy on the eyes. A sexy man smiling at my direction can put me in a good mood all day. A little eye candy never hurt anybody. I love the company and humour of a good man, but I also love their appearance from the stubble on their chin to their broad shoulders. In my opinion men simply look good naked.


Difference of Opinion

Difference of Opinion Men are wired to think differently than us. This often can lead to arguments and misunderstandings, but it can also be VERY helpful. Often when I have a problem I like to seek the advice of a man, because they often approach a problem from a different angle than a woman. They can often give me peace of mind, by showing me a different way to think about things.


Difference in Interests

Difference in Interests Maybe I’m being a little stereo-typical, but many men have different interests to women – they are drawn to sports, cars, and fishing, rather than yoga, make-overs and social brunches. Whatever their interests their natural inclination to find other things interesting to you is an asset. Different passions can create great conversations, plus next time your car breaks down you will be glad you know a guy with a hobby in mechanics.


They Protect Us

They Protect Us I love men for their natural desire to protect us from danger. I can always sleep soundly knowing that there is a man in the house; then if the house catches on fire or we get burgled I won’t have to cope all on my own. You could keep pepper spray by your bedside and have a fire escape built in – but having a man is just a nicer option.

So there are the 7 simple things that I love about men. I admit sometimes men drive me loopy and I wish women alone ruled the planet, but then I take stock and realise that men have lots of good qualities and we would be lost without them. We may be the fairer sex but we need to have men too; to enrich and share our lives with. What simple things do you love about men?

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I love mine(: thanks for the reminder

Men being strong is the thing I hate the most! When your husband punches your head and makes you grow painful bumps and bruises on it that's when you hate the fact that men were made stronger than us.

Women are warm too.

This made me laugh! Everything is so true

Honestly my most favourite thing is how they can make you feel so petite. When they hold and it's just nice. Or just how amazing they smell or the long lasting kisses they can give you. I love that stuff!

Love # 4

I love how macho they are it just makes me feel so right if that makes any scence

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