7 Things We Believe about Men That Are Not True ...


7 Things We Believe about Men That Are Not True ...
7 Things We Believe about Men That Are Not True ...

You know, there are a lot of things we believe about men that are simply not true. They are just myths that we have heard and take for granted as being true. The truth is that a lot of them are unfair stereotypes. Let’s examine some of the things we believe about men and if they are really true or not.

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That They Have No Feelings

One of the things we believe about men that is untrue is that they have no feelings. They do have feelings, but they hold them a little closer to the vest than most women do. They are not likely to scream and cry like a woman might if their feelings are hurt. You may never even know but you can trust that the feelings are there.


That They Think like We do

For a long, long time I believed that men thought like women did. That could not be farther from the truth. I read several enlightening books that really opened my eyes on this subject. They don’t think like we do at all. If you are interested in learning more about how men actually do think, I recommend “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn and “His Brain, Her Brain” by Walt and Barb Larimore.


That They Cannot Make a Decision

You know, men are slow about this. They tend to take their time and mull over their options more carefully than women do, for the most part. But they can make decisions. It just may take them a bit longer. I have learned to tell my husband I will check back with him if he seems to need some time to think about something I want him to make a decision on.


That They Are Selfish

We tend to believe that men are selfish. But as I am becoming a little older, I actually look at this in a very different light. I believe that there truly are some selfish men out there but I also believe sometimes we misunderstand them. Usually, if we think they are being selfish, it is because they are out doing what they want to do. I don’t really believe that this makes them selfish; I think they are much better at meeting their own needs than we are. We could actually learn a lot from them in this.


That They Are Unloving

A lot of times we think that the men in our lives are unloving. Sometimes they are. Other times, more commonly, they are just showing their love for us in different ways than we expect from them. If you are curious what actions are meant to be loving from your guy, try asking him. You may be surprised at what you discover.


They Are Procrastinators

Many times, men are procrastinators. But many times, women are too. I think that one reason we tend to think that men are procrastinators more readily is that they take longer to get something done. This is not necessarily because they are putting it off, though. Sometimes it is because they are spending that intermediate time thinking of a solution or way to go about handling whatever project it is. Then there are times that they really are just procrastinating, though!


They Are Lazy

Many times women think that men are lazy - and make no mistake, there are lazy men out there. But a lot of times men are just a lot better at resting than women are. Women tend to push and push and push themselves well beyond what limits they should and pay for it. Many times women do not have a choice to do so. Then there are times when women simply do not know how to rest and relax. I happen to fall in that category quite often.

So, there it is: seven things we believe about men that are often not true. What do you think? Were my observations accurate?

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am I the only one who has never thought any of those things about men? :)

I am female and I am most definitely a self-proclaimed procrastinator and laziness enthusiast. Wish I wasn't, but I am.

Doesn't no 4 mean selfishness ?. That's an element of selfishness I think

@Elena just because you seem to have those issues with men, doesn't mean everyone does. Look at yourself before you preach. Yes, some men are total pricks, but there are a lot of good ones out there. Don't judge someone's choice.

I agree with number 4. We should learn from them in that.

I think as you age and celebrate more anniversaries, you discover that these things are accurate! You make different observations and can step back and take a different look.all things well said here!

well I think this is not true my husband is all those .

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