8 Things Guys Tell Their Friends about You ...


Although men and women aren't all that different, it's hard not to wonder what kind of things guys tell their friends. Do they gossip like we do? Do they mention how amazing you are or are their conversations limited to less mushy affairs? Well, there's no need to wonder, because here are some of the most common things guys tell their friends:

1. Nothing at All

This point has been submitted by one of our lovely readers, Alexis. Thanks Alexis!

Don't be afraid if he doesn't talk about you with his friends. He most likely likes to keep his private life a little more private. These types of guys can also be sweeter and more thoughtful. That is because when they are planning something for you they are actually thinking about how THEY feel about you and not how their FRIENDS feel about you.

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What He Sees


Neecey Beresford
@kissmebbylove ,If you'd ever hung around with a bunch of guys as friends , you'd know they do. They gossip just as much as women! Call it locker room talk, call it pub chat, but it happens. Guys don't talk about football and beer all the time!
i highly doubt guys talk about this with their friends... not a chance!
The fact that a woman wrote this article makes it harder to believe.
@Igor, nice kid)
@Igor, )
@Igor, )
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