7 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl ...


7 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl ...
7 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl ...

There are many things guys look for in a girl when they are trying to pursue a relationship. Obviously, not all guys look for the same traits in a girl, but there are several robust qualities most guys do tend to look for. I have many guy friends who have given me insight into what they look for when they are trying to find a girl to date, so I have compiled a list of seven easy-to-remember "S" things guys look for in a girl in order to date her.

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Of all the things guys look for in a girl, this one is the most self-explanatory. If a guy is actively looking for a relationship, the first thing he'll want to know is if you are single and available to be in a relationship (or at least most guys want to know this).


For many men, the search for a romantic partner starts with ensuring there is no existing significant other who might complicate matters. They usually prefer the path of least resistance, avoiding potential drama with ex-partners. Being single represents openness to new possibilities and the freedom to start afresh with someone else. It sets the stage for exploring a romantic connection without the backdrop of prior commitments, which is an important consideration in the start of a new relationship dynamic. It's not just about availability; it's also about readiness to embark on a new romantic journey.



The next thing guys typically assess in a girl is if she is sexy to him. Different guys find different aspects of a woman to be sexy, so this one really depends on the guy. Sexiness can come in many forms, from being intellectually sexy to being physically sexy. So if there is an aspect you like about yourself, show it off!



I have a lot of guy friends who typically follow the "sexy, sane, and single" rule, and I've heard that while a lot of girls meet the single and sexy guidelines, many do not meet the "sane" standard in guys' opinions. Being classified as sane to guys basically means not flipping out over trivial matters and not being overly superficial (per my male friends' assessments).



Guys love smart girls because they want to wind up with someone with whom they can have interesting conversations. Do you have to be super smart to get a guy to like you? Of course not! But everyone has their own kind of intelligence, so find yours and flaunt it!



A woman who is confident in herself and doesn't NEED a man to make her happy is extremely attractive to men. If you show that you are comfortable in your own skin and with your own life, others will be attracted to you because they see that if you like yourself, then you must be worth getting to know. Ultimately, men value women who value themselves, and thus pursue these kinds of women for a relationship. So, be confident in who you are!



We no longer live in an age where women are expected to be demure and submissive. Men today love a strong woman -- a woman who isn't afraid to stand up for herself, pursue her own goals, and share her opinions. So don’t be afraid to be a strong woman around a man, chances are he’ll love it!


Strength in a woman is not just about physical or emotional resilience, but also the courage to be authentic and take risks. A strong woman shows conviction in her values and isn’t swayed by fleeting trends or the opinions of others. This autonomy is captivating and can inspire the same confidence in those around her, including potential partners. Embrace your inner fortitude—your decisiveness, leadership, and unwavering spirit will surely light up a room and garner admiration from men who value depth and integrity.



And lastly, men look for a woman who will be stimulating, someone with whom they will be able to have a good time. If a guy can have fun with you across many different situations, you are on the path to a great relationship.

There are many things guys look for in a girl when they want to pursue relationship. Obviously, not all the qualities start with an “S” but the alliteration often helps us remember them! Can you think of any other easy-to-remember "S" words that guys look for?

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it is ideal to think that men are okay with strong, self sufficient, smart woman. they may say that is what they want but many slink away when faced with a substantial woman

a girl who smiles often

How come lesbians, bi/poly/demi/pan/a/ect sexuals/romantics don't get any play on this app? I, for one, would love to see how you write an article about the differences between these, ways of self-acceptance and your personal opinion and then possibly ways to get girls because most people aren't heterosexual or heteroromantic. As a pansexual panromantic woman I can tell you that being erased and misrepresented sucks. Another great thing to see would be how to make great pride bracelets. (hate about my sexuality and opinion will be completely ignored)

Ayesha hit it right on the mark! my mom and I are both single and I feel posses all these qualities. However majority of men we are meeting are shying away from our strong character.


Love it:~)

@Karina: who needs a man, anyway....

heyy who wanna chat on kik messenger

Only strong men can handle strong woman... The question is how many of those are out there anyway? :)

Sweet, sensitive? Just me? Okay.

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