7 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl ...

By Olivia

7 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl ...

There are many things guys look for in a girl when they are trying to pursue a relationship. Obviously, not all guys look for the same traits in a girl, but there are several robust qualities most guys do tend to look for. I have many guy friends who have given me insight into what they look for when they are trying to find a girl to date, so I have compiled a list of seven easy-to-remember "S" things guys look for in a girl in order to date her.

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1 Single

Of all the things guys look for in a girl, this one is the most self-explanatory. If a guy is actively looking for a relationship, the first thing he'll want to know is if you are single and available to be in a relationship (or at least most guys want to know this).

2 Sexy

The next thing guys typically assess in a girl is if she is sexy to him. Different guys find different aspects of a woman to be sexy, so this one really depends on the guy. Sexiness can come in many forms, from being intellectually sexy to being physically sexy. So if there is an aspect you like about yourself, show it off!

3 Sane

I have a lot of guy friends who typically follow the "sexy, sane, and single" rule, and I've heard that while a lot of girls meet the single and sexy guidelines, many do not meet the "sane" standard in guys' opinions. Being classified as sane to guys basically means not flipping out over trivial matters and not being overly superficial (per my male friends' assessments).

4 Smart

Guys love smart girls because they want to wind up with someone with whom they can have interesting conversations. Do you have to be super smart to get a guy to like you? Of course not! But everyone has their own kind of intelligence, so find yours and flaunt it!

5 Self-Confident

A woman who is confident in herself and doesn't NEED a man to make her happy is extremely attractive to men. If you show that you are comfortable in your own skin and with your own life, others will be attracted to you because they see that if you like yourself, then you must be worth getting to know. Ultimately, men value women who value themselves, and thus pursue these kinds of women for a relationship. So, be confident in who you are!

6 Strong

We no longer live in an age where women are expected to be demure and submissive. Men today love a strong woman -- a woman who isn't afraid to stand up for herself, pursue her own goals, and share her opinions. So don’t be afraid to be a strong woman around a man, chances are he’ll love it!

7 Stimulating

And lastly, men look for a woman who will be stimulating, someone with whom they will be able to have a good time. If a guy can have fun with you across many different situations, you are on the path to a great relationship.

There are many things guys look for in a girl when they want to pursue relationship. Obviously, not all the qualities start with an “S” but the alliteration often helps us remember them! Can you think of any other easy-to-remember "S" words that guys look for?

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@Karina: who needs a man, anyway....

sanitary, no guy wants a girl who smells like a gutter.

That all me ;)


heyy who wanna chat on kik messenger

I totally agree with Ayesha. Men do not like strong and smart women at all. They prefer stupid creatures who ask for help so they can play the knight in shining armour. Women will never love eachother, since competition has a function in the evolution of diverse species.

me too! 😃


im perfectttt lol

sense of humor and straight forward

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