10 Things That Kill a Guy's Sex Drive ...


Sex. It’s one of the most desirable activities in the world. It’s something that people all over the world enjoy. It’s a pleasurable activity that’s loved by all different types of people. Men are stereotyped as being ready for sex any time, anywhere, any place. Believe it or not, that isn’t entirely true. Even though men are usually down for sex 97% of the time, they can get turned off just as quickly as they get turned on. Here are 10 things to steer clear of when you’re in the mood for some lovin’.

1. Money

Money isn’t a sexy subject. Unless you won the lottery and are giving half to your man, men don’t want to hear about anything financial when they want to get busy. Talking about your finances is a sure way to get a guy out of the mood.

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What in the world? So basically .... don't speak to him at all.
Seriously talking about any of those things would put me out the mood... All I want to hear is my name and how good this feel. Key word sex not counseling...
So basically keep your mouth shut...? What a message to be sending to women. I talk to my man about everything and anything and never have bedroom issues. Quite a silly article.
Geez you ladies take things too seriously. If I started talking about some of these things with my husband before he wanted to have sex, yeah it could be a turn off. Doesn't mean he's not attracted to...
Sorry but I'm not having sex if your sheets and the room is dirty
Some of it is silly but talking about it right before sex can be a turn off... I don't think they meant never do these things. Just during sexy time.
This is so stupid..
Lex Luther
Smh this article makes no sense! Lol why even have sex if talking about these things will turn you off then that means you not into me and just wanna hVe sex
Terrible article
This article was total bs! they might as well have said "oh just be yourself when you're by yourself. Men don't want to have sex when you feel emotions or have opinions."
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