7 Things That'll Make Him Feel Trapped in a Relationship ...


7 Things That'll Make Him Feel Trapped in a Relationship ...
7 Things That'll Make Him Feel Trapped in a Relationship ...

When you're dating a man, you don't want him to dread coming home to you. Of course, that could end up happening to even the healthiest couples if one person feels trapped in the relationship. Even though it's always possible for you to break up with your partner, sometimes it feels like the deed is impossible. You never want your partner to feel suffocated, which is why you should know that these things could make him feel trapped in your relationship:

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Your Future Plans for Him

When you discuss your future together, make sure to get his opinion. If you tell him where you're going to live, how many kids you're going to have, and what job he should get, then he's going to feel trapped. You shouldn't decide his future for him. You two should decide it together.


Instead, invite him into the conversation by asking about his aspirations and dreams. By expressing genuine interest in his goals, you can incorporate them into your shared vision. This balance between compromise and support strengthens the bond between you both, creating a partnership where both of you feel heard and valued, rather than one where he feels his independence is being sidelined. Remember, a relationship is a dynamic journey, not a final destination decided by one.


Your Proximity to Him

It's important to spend quality time with each other. However, it's also important to spend some time apart. If you two work together, live together, and go out with friends together, he could end up feeling trapped. You don't always need to be by his side. In fact, it's better if you keep your distance.


The Orders You Give Him

Your boyfriend should tell you where he's going when he leaves the house, but he shouldn't have to ask for your permission to leave. If you tell him when he's allowed to go out with friends and which friends he's actually allowed to talk to, then he's going to feel trapped. No one wants their partner to control them.


In a healthy relationship, trust and independence are crucial. While communication is key, so is respect for personal space. If you're dictating his schedule or vetoing his plans consistently, this can create a suffocating environment. Encouraging a balance where both partners can enjoy time apart without suspicion or guilt cultivates a more trusting bond. Remember, a relationship should provide wings to fly, not ties that bind.


Your Guilt Trips

You shouldn't guilt him into staying with you. You shouldn't threaten him, either. If he wants to leave, then he's allowed to leave. Do you really want to be in a relationship where your man isn't happy? It's better for you both to move on if he really wants to end your arrangement.


Emotional manipulation may seem like a short-term solution, but it's harmful in the long run. True love is about freedom and support, not entrapment. Reflect on why you feel the need to use guilt as a tool; perhaps it's a sign of deeper issues that need addressing. Remember, a partner who stays out of obligation rather than desire is likely to harbor resentment, which can slowly erode the relationship's foundation. Aim for a bond built on mutual respect and genuine affection, not one anchored by guilt and obligation.


His Responsibilities

There's no escaping responsibilities, but that doesn't change the fact that they can make a man feel trapped. If you two have children or a pet, or if he takes care of you financially, he might feel like it's impossible to leave you. He knows that you need his help, and feels like it's his responsibility to stick around. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have kids. It just means you should have a discussion with your man about what would happen to those kids if you two ever split.


His Lack of Money

It's normal for one partner to get a job while the other stays home with the kids. However, if he doesn't make any income of his own, he might feel trapped, because he knows that he needs you to pay for his gas and his food. Without you, he wouldn't be able to pay the rent.


The Pressure to Get Married

You can't control the things that his mother says to him. However, if his family members, his friends, and everyone else around pressures him to get married before he's ready, he's going to feel trapped. Proposing to you should be his own decision, not a decision that was made for him by society.

You never want your boyfriend to feel trapped in your relationship, because he should be happy for every moment he gets to spend with you. Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship?

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