Things to Consider when Debating if He's the One ...


Things to Consider when Debating if He's the One ...
Things to Consider when Debating if He's the One ...

Listening to the voice inside sometimes seems the hardest to do. Outside noise has a way of interfering with authenticity so when and if that is ever of occurrence here are 3 questions which could help you determine wether He or She should be made a vital addition to your journey.

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Are You Compatible?

Compatibility is something often dismissed when embarking on the journey to love. The biggest warning signs will be ignored due to pure lust and long term, lust is not the most trusted of feelings. Opposites have always attracted and similarities are the most trusted stepping stone but something solid is required to keep you a pair.


Do Your 3 Year Intentions Compliment Each Other?

3 years is a healthy time frame to make a near to accurate enough future plan; does his or her 3 year plan resemble a future that sees you in it? If they have the intention of back packing sometime soon does it make sense for you to commence a romance? Your goals do not have to be identical however they do need to make sense together.


Do You Love Yourself?

Self love is the greatest tool in life and without it interaction with any other will blur the lines of respect. Loving yourself at the highest meter is being able to determine what is best for you.

If after asking those 3 questions he or she is not your blessing remember that there is someone who they are better suited to so take care in letting them go, however if all your heart, mind and soul tell you this is the one.... GO FOR IT... Wish you all the best on this journey to romance.

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