9 Signs He Can Be the One ...


9 Signs He Can Be the One ...
9 Signs He Can Be the One ...

He can be the one - right? The truth is... yes! He could be the one, but like so many women before you, it is important to examine your relationship carefully before walking down that aisle. Love is always a bit of a leap of faith, but there are also questions you can ask yourself to make the best possible decision when selecting your Prince Charming. If you are wondering if you’ve found your forever-after, here are some strong signs he can be the one...

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He Brings out Your Best

This is truly one of the most important indications that he is the one for you. When I met my fiance, my friends and family all commented on how positive, fun and happy I seemed around him - he truly brought out the best in me and it was noticeable to everyone. As sure as the sun, things are not going to be perfect all the time, but a great relationship should enhance your life and a great man should inspire you to be the most beautiful version of yourself. If he does, not only is he likely a good catch, but he could be the one to keep around long-term.


You Enjoy Each Other

While there are ups and downs associated with any bond, in order to last a lifetime you need to fundamentally like being around one another. You should be able to laugh together, have fun with each other and enjoy the conversation and company the other person provides - in fact, you can often begin to tell if he can be the one simply by considering how positive the dynamic between the two of you is. If you find yourself looking forward to his presence, relishing an opportunity to be around him and regularly having a good time while you are together, you are on the right track, lover girl!


He Could Be the One if He is Supportive

Life can be challenging, exhausting and complicated. The right person should bring comfort, support and love to your relationship - he should be your biggest fan when things are great and a safe place for you when life is rough. Ask yourself, do you feel like your man is consistently supportive? Is he aware of your needs and thoughtfully tries to help you where he can? If the answers are yes, this is another sign he can be the one.


He Treats You with Respect

Everyone’s version of love is slightly different, but as a good general rule, lasting, happy and healthy relationships are built on mutual respect. The foundation of your bond, your long-term partner should adore you, value your feelings, treat you with consideration and appreciate being with you. Beyond your immediate relationship, however, the right person will also recognize that true respect for you is all-encompassing - if he could be the one, you will notice that he is polite to your friends and family, careful with your personal property and respectful to the areas of your life outside of him. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, baby.


He is Committed to You

Ah, the «I’m really busy at work right now... I’m just getting out of a relationship... I’m just not ready to settle down...» guy - most of us have dated him at one time or another. Ladies, this guy isn’t the one. How do I know this? Because the right man for you is willing, and most importantly, wanting to commit to you. This does not mean that every man looking for a commitment is your perfect match, but among other factors, if your partner is committed wholeheartedly to you, he may be the one. After all, a strong sense of commitment is crucial to carry your bond through tough times and you are worthy of a man that wants to fully share his heart and life with you.

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Your Relationship is Balanced

A great way to establish if he can be the one is to consider how balanced your relationship is. Things are rarely going to be 50/50 exactly but each party should be adding to the overall success of the union and feeling like their needs are being met. On that note, it’s important to consider each person’s unique contributions for their own merit - two people often provide differing yet equally important elements to a healthy relationship and the connection is stronger for it. Just keep in mind that a significantly one-sided bond, whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally or in terms of lifestyle can often lead to resentment. If he is the one you will likely note a harmony between the amount you are both getting and giving each other.


You Are Goal Mates

Here is the best advice I received before I got engaged: soul mates are goal mates. While each one of you will have individual hopes and dreams you strive for on your own, the truth is that in terms of core future goals, lifestyle and value systems, the best matches are typically people who share a common, similar vision for their lives. To know if he can be the one you need to be honest about how well you mesh on major life topics - primarily, are you on the same page in terms of what you want out of life and how you would like to achieve it? If you are, this is one more exciting sign that he could be the one.


He Communicates with You

Communication is so incredibly vital to the success of a relationship, yet it can be the most challenging part of working together as a team. As men especially can struggle to express their feelings, one of the most important ways to know if he can be the one is to evaluate how well you communicate with each other. Nearly every situation in life requires some level of engaging communication, and the more willing he is to actively speak his thoughts and listen to you the better off you will be as the years unfold.


He Can Be the One Because He Celebrates You

You are fabulous and you deserve to be loved by someone that not only appreciates, but truly celebrates all the amazing, unique qualities that make you so very special. If your man knows how fortunate he is and expresses his gratitude through positive, thoughtful, celebratory words and actions, he could be the one to build your life with. In the end, the person who loves you for everything you are is going to be the one that will see your beauty no matter what, appreciate your humor twenty years from now and truly adore you through the ups and downs. The best part of having a man that celebrates you? Celebrating him in return.

Discovering if he can be the one is not an exact science but rather, a thoughtful and intuitive process that unfolds over time. Though it may not always seem like it, there are truly wonderful men in this world that will love and care for you loyally and honestly, and you are worth this kind of man, lady. These signs are great ways to gauge whether he could be the one - how did you know that your perfect man was Mr. Right? Share with us - here at AWS we just can’t get enough of a good love story!

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all nine signs apply to my lover (: i've been waiting all my life for a man just like him, he's the one!!!

This article made me smile and see logic :)

I feel like this is a bunch of people talking out of their butts. If he loves you he'll get jealous, sometimes he won't support you because he'll be afraid he's gonna lose you, he'll be overprotective, he'll get on your nerves, he'll want to touch you an always want to be with you, love is sometimes utter hell and there are so many arguments you'll feel like giving up, but it's also one of life's most wonderful beauties, if you find a guy with all these qualities, run because chances are he's too perfect and he's probably hiding who he truly is only to reveal it later on in marriage. Love is messed up and so are people so don't get discouraged if your man doesn't have all these qualities because people are only people.

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