9 Things to do in Bed πŸ› All Long Term πŸ’ Couples Should Try ...


When you’ve been together for eons, things get comfortable, including sex. Even if you still very much enjoy sex with your partner, there’s never anything wrong with spicing things up a little or trying new things. A reinvigorated sex life flows through into your relationship and instead of your partnership feeling like a pair of comfortable slippers, you’re suddenly walking in a pair of shiny new Louboutins. Ready to step it up?

1. Experiment with the Usual Power Dynamic

Is it your partner who is usually the person to dominate and be the proactive force in the bedroom? Why not turn the tables and see what it feels like to take charge and have them at your mercy instead? Switching up the bedroom dynamics can be a really fun and revelatory experience for both of you.

Reignite Your Powers of Seduction


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This would be amazing!! I'm on it😍
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