7 Things to Keep in Mind when You Have a Summer Romance ...


Everyone needs at least one summer romance. Grease prepared us for that, if nothing else. Summer is filled with possibilities, and if you're on vacation, near a tourist town, or participating in a special, summertime activity, someone may catch your eye. Although some summertime flings last, most fade away due to distance, time, and life in general. That doesn't mean you should avoid a summer romance if the opportunity presents itself, though. Just consider it a dose of summertime magic.

1. Play It Safe

Be smart about your summer romance. Don't get involved with shady characters, don't get involved with anything illegal, dangerous, or generally stupid, and always practice safe sex. Trust your instincts above all else. You may want some excitement, but there are plenty of ways to be adventurous. You don't have to make bad decisions or take serious risks.

It's Probably Not Forever


love is a pretty strong word to throw around.. 2 nights isn't even enough time to really know someone, let alone love them. Careful with that heart of yours.
@evamae sounds like lust gurl..
Eva Mae
I fall in love a guy that I just meet in my vacation even tho we only been together just 2 nights..
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