8 Interesting Things Your Boyfriend's Friends Won't Tell You ...


Things they won't tell you can be surprising when it comes to your boyfriend's friends right? If you are wondering what sort of things they won't tell you, I've got the top 8 list right here! Below, we're going to explore the nitty gritty of the things they won't tell you about your man!

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His 'Number'

A man's number is a secret thing, especially if it is super high. If you are dying to know how many people your boyfriend has slept with, you don't want to go to his friends. This is definitely one of the top things they won't tell you because they know, you might flip out!


About His Ex

The next top things they won't tell you all involve his ex. If you are fishing for some info about your man's ex girlfriend, you won't get it from his friends. Their lips are sealed because they know just how bad his breakup really was.


How Much He Loves You

Guys are weird when it comes to their emotions right? They don't like to admit to anything, especially how much they are in love with you. If your guy hasn't said the L word yet and you want to ask his friends, this is definitely one of the things they won't tell you.


How Much He Talks about You

Even though your guy might not seem like the affectionate type, he definitely talks about you to his friends. He probably just won't admit it and neither will his friends. His friends will never reveal just how much he mentions you or how much he thinks about you.


How Attached He is to You

You know, if you are with your boyfriend that he's attracted to you. He probably tells you that you are beautiful all of the time, but to his friends, it's a completely different story. He will talk about how much he is attracted to you, which parts of your body he loves and they'll never mention a word to you!


How Much They Drink

Have you seen The Hangover or The Hangover 2? Then you already know that if you have a problem with him getting drunk with his friends, he's probably not going to admit to how much they are drinking. They could be completely and totally trashed, but they won't tell you a thing about it!


What They do when They Go out

Just like you have your girl's nights, guy's have their nights too and they don't want to ever admit to anything that they do. What your guy does when he goes out with his friends is definitely one of the top things they won't tell you, no matter how many times you ask them!


How Many Ex's He's Had

Finally ladies, if you are thinking about getting the dirt on just how many ex's your boyfriend has had, it isn't going to happen. Guys stick to the guy code, just like girls stick to the girl code and they'll never tell you just what number on the girlfriend list you are.

As you can see, there are tons of things they won't tell you just because they are stuck with their guy code. So ladies, what are you dying to know about your boyfriend that you can't find out from anyone but his friends? What burning questions do you have? Even though there are things they won't tell you, maybe you should ask him the questions!

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Haha mine has told me all of these things. I'm glad we do know these things about each other :)

All these points my boyfriend tells me..is that weird?

My love tells me all of that! We have a long distance relationship! We met at a Christmas dance (His dad is a Dj and dance caller). We stared talking over the summer when I found him on facebook. We both go to the same camp but hadn't said but one word to one another the first year I went. The next year (which was the summer we stated talking) I met his dad and he told me that he talks about me all of the time!

same here! :D

Haha my boyfriend tells me all that!

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