7 Things to do to Make Your Relationship Last ...


Struggling to make your relationship last? Don’t worry so is every other person on this Earth. While getting into worthwhile relationships is hard, it is even harder to make them last. Certain things always get in the way and while some learn how to deal with them, others eventually decide there is no reason for trying. That’s when break ups happen. So if you are in a rocky patch in your relationship but are not ready to call it quits, here are some tips on how to make your relationship last.

1. Keep Things Interesting

To make your relationship last, you have to keep things interesting! Don’t settle for the same repetitive routines with your partner and instead spice up your relationship. Don’t be afraid to spontaneously decide on romantic trips or dates and explore the world together. Don’t just restrict the exciting period of your relationship to the first few couple of months of your involvement and try to stretch it as long as possible.

Make Time for Each Other


@Olivia, That's when you walk away from it.
I so much agree on this but honestly it's hard to do thinGs when your partner will not even help you to hold on the relationship.
Sonia Morillo
Just do what your partner wants provided that you can handle it so that your relationships with each other last.
I agree with this completely.
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