5 Things You Need to do to Ensure You Have Great Sex ...

By Sici

In the case of sex, practice does not make perfect; it just makes you slightly better. Having great sex is more about how quickly you learn rather than how many partners you have accumulated. Here are a few tips to help ensure you have great sex.

Table of contents:

  1. take it slowly and enjoy the moment
  2. stay in control of yourself
  3. it is more like dancing
  4. men - you cannot force her to be turned on
  5. women - if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem

1 Take It Slowly and Enjoy the Moment

You are not a teen anymore, so do not have sex like one. Your partner is not going to suddenly change his or her mind. What is happening is happening, so take your time and enjoy every bit of it. Orgasm is not a goal that needs to be raced towards, it is simply the splash at the end of the waterfall. Just make sure you enjoy the rapids before you take the plunge.

2 Stay in Control of Yourself

This applies mostly to men, as women can sense when a man is in control. Take your time before penetration, and tease her a little. Make her think you are going to give her all of it, and then pull out a little and make shallow thrusts. When she becomes frustrated and tries to pull you into her then tease her a little more.

3 It is More like Dancing

Men and women take tips from online and then act them out like robots, but this is the wrong mindset to have. Think of it more like dancing. Sure, you know a few fancy moves, but you do not do them all robotically when you are dancing. You keep them in mind until the time is right, then you bust a move and thrill your partner.

The same is true of changing positions. Do not keep instructing your partner all the time. Think of it like dancing and you will find that most positions occur naturally. Although, do tell your partner if you want to change positions because you are tired.

4 Men - You Cannot Force Her to Be Turned on

Movies such as American Pie have led men to think that a woman has buttons that can be pressed and that they will make a woman turned on. This is not true, as getting a woman turned on is more about feelings and emotions than it is for men, where a light breeze will turn them on. You have to find out what gets her going by experimenting a little (in a nice way).

5 Women - if You Are Not Part of the Solution You Are Part of the Problem

If he has trouble getting you off, then give him advice and mold him into your perfect lover. Do not forget that you need to be as active as him in bed and that if you are just laying there then why should he be anything other than selfish. Also, if you know he has trouble holding on, then move into positions that make it easier for him to hold on, such as reverse cowgirl.

But, do remember that as you get closer then it is going to be harder for him to hold on because it starts to feel great inside there. So, if you know you are heading for the finish line then make sure you get all the way there, preferably together.

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