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Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with an Aries Man ...

By Melly

When it comes to human sexuality, you might think that the same rules pretty much apply to everyone, but that really isn’t the case! We all have our own personal likes and dislikes, and some of them are defined by experience, and some even defined by things like astrology if you believe in that sort of thing! Here are the top 10 tips for having the best sex with an Aries man.

1 Cat and Mouse

Aries guys love the thrill of the chase, so make sure you let him indulge in a little cat and mouse play before finally bedding you. The more he has to work for it, the more he finds himself turned on!

2 69

Aries guys love the 69 position because it gives them a sense of control, just like the cat and mouse that they like to play before getting into bed. When he is 69ing, he gets to determine the pace of the action in a really fun way.


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3 Excitement

The thing he hates more than anything is getting into a routine, so try not to make your sex life something that is super predictable and boring. Be as spontaneous as you can!

4 Dominant

To get the best out of him, it is always best to let him take the lead in bed. He isn’t a selfish lover, he always makes sure that are as satisfied as you can be, but he will only be able to do that if he feels like he is the one in control and dictating the pace and the direction of the action. Just lay back and enjoy, because he can really put on a show when given the opportunity!

5 Aggressive

He loves aggression in bed, but be careful because this isn’t the same as violence. Whatever you do, make sure that you do it with force, because that kind of passionate energy really turns him on and puts him in the mood to ravish you!

6 Doggy Style

One of his favourite positions is doggy style, because again, it is a position that makes the guy feel like they have all of the control. The notion of him towering over you and ‘leading the way’ is something that makes him super horny, and luckily for you, doggy style is something that feels amazing for women too!

7 Flexible

An Aries guy prefers a sexual partner who is supple and flexible because you need to be prepared to try out all of the new and naughty positions that he has in his mind! It’s never going to be a boring session of missionary when an Aries is involved!

8 Lingerie

He gets a lot of stimulation from visuals as well as the obvious physical touching, so make the effort to wear some of your sexiest lingerie if you really want to get the party started. I can’t guarantee how long it will be on your body, however!

9 Well Groomed

What you do with your body hair is your own choose and business, but there is some truth that Aries guys tend to prefer women who keep things to a minimum. If you’re really trying to bag an Aries, it might be time for a Brazilian wax!

10 No Ambiance

You don’t have to worry about setting up the perfect ambiance with soft music and candles for an Aries. The only thing he will be interested in is your body so you might as well just focus on that side of things!

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