Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Capricorn Man ...

By Melly

Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Capricorn Man ...

Having sex with someone is about as intimate as you get with another person, so when it comes to compatibility and success, we could all do with as much help and advice as possible! If you are someone who has a lot of faith in astrology, then you will know just how insightful it can be in all areas of life, and when it comes to sex it is definitely no exception! Here are 10 top tips for having the best sex with a Capricorn man.

1 Dominant

Don’t be afraid to take the reins in the bedroom! Capricorn guys are quite dominant in the professional lives, which means that they often enjoy someone else to take control in bed. He enjoys being able to experience both ends of the spectrum, so get your best dominatrix face on!

2 Classy

No matter what you get up to, always do it with a really classy air. The one thing that he hates is when things start to feel a bit too trashy and a bit too pornographic. He prefers sophisticated over slutty.

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3 Patience

Having a lot of patience is key with a Capricorn. He isn’t the quickest guy to get going so you need to wait for him to get into his groove but once he’s on fire, you will have the best time!

4 Shy

Don’t be shy. Because of his slow starts, at least one of you have to take the lead and get the ball rolling! If you are shy along with him, then the sex will feel awkward and stunted from the very beginning.

5 Don’t Rush

Make sure not to rush through things because he wants to take his time and really enjoy the sensations that you are giving each other. Concentrate on what you are doing in the moment rather than planning two or three moves ahead.

6 Be Open

Be open about what your biggest sexual fantasies are. He might not share some of them, but he loves to hear about them, and the more you talk about what you want, the more often you will find common ground that you can then explore.

7 Don’t Overdo It

Make sure to follow the natural flow of the experience rather than being pushy and overdoing it. Capricorn guys can tell when you are forcing your enthusiasm or being a little bit fake, and it is a huge turn off for them.

8 Roleplay

He likes to dip his toe in to the world of roleplay every now and then. Don’t try to do anything crazy, keep it very generic and ‘introductory level’, but by all means lead the way and spark his imagination!

9 Natural

Capricorn guys prefer a much more natural look, so don’t get too worried about shaving every patch of hair off, or dolling your face up just to get it sweaty and steamy again in bed. The more real you look, the more real the experience feels for him.

10 Ask Him

Never forget to ask him what he wants. His general shyness can sometimes mean that he stays quiet and just goes with the flow, but if you want him to have the best time possible, then take the time to get his desires out of him!

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