Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with an Aquarius Man ...

By Melly

Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with an Aquarius Man ...

You might not think it, but there are actually stark differences that you can pick up on between the zodiac signs in all areas of life. Just like a Capricorn might have a different favourite colour to a Pisces, or a Leo might have a different taste in music to a Libra, so too can the world of sex be completely varied depending on what day of the year you were born! If you have your sights set on an Aquarius, then this might be for you. Here are the top10 tips for having the best sex with an Aquarius man!

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1 Stubborn

Aquarius guys tend to be a bit stubborn, so if you want to have a good time in the bedroom you are probably better off asking him what he wants to do instead of trying to dictate the tempo. He will give you lots of pleasure if you let him decide what is going to happen!

2 Caring

You need to try to penetrate through that layer of aloofness that an Aquarius naturally has, so be as caring towards him as you can and you will start to brings those walls down on the road to having some really passionate and intimate sex.

3 Footsie

It might seem weird, but Aquarius guys tend to have very sensitive ankles and calves! It is a big erogenous zones for them, and you can really stir something within them by playing footsie and making contact with these areas that are their literal Achilles heel!

4 Energy

He isn’t the best at generating his own energy and enthusiasm, so you need to lead the way in that department. Take the lead in the way that you approach things and be really energetic and excitable, he will feed off of that energy and give you it back in equal measure. The more energetic you can be in bed, the more energetic he will be in turn.

5 Foreplay

An Aquarius can actually find more pleasure and stimulation in all the fun foreplay options that come before the actual main event. Make the effort to pay attention to all of the different parts of his body. It will build him to a much more satisfying climax than just going straight to the main event.

6 Playful

More than anything, an Aquarius hates it when things get too serious in the bedroom. To have the best time possible with him, always remember to keep a playful edge in everything that you do. Being too serious about things and trying to make it sexy in a forced way is something that really turns him off.

7 Roleplay

To add the fun edge to your bedroom antics, make the effort to add some roleplay in to the mix. It can be liberating to pretend to be someone else when you are getting intimate, and an Aquarius who is naturally stubborn might have a better time if they can put on a metaphorical mask.

8 Costumes

Don’t skimp on the costumes when it comes to living the full fantasy! He feeds off lots of visual stimulation, so get dressed up the nines both with your outer clothes and your lingerie. The more you have for him to feed off, the more excitable he will be.

9 Sex Toys

He might not admit it right off the bat, but he likes the idea of having sex toys introduced to the bedroom! It will help if you are the one who suggests them, then he can indulge without having to be the one to speak up!

10 Keep up

Once he gets going, he runs through moves and positions at a fast pace, so make sure that you have the stamina and willingness to keep up with him!

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