Will Edging Make the Sex Better?


Will Edging Make the Sex Better?
Will Edging Make the Sex Better?

If you are someone who is always looking for fun and inventive ways to make sex with your partner better, then there is a high chance that you will have come across edging before. You might have tried it, you might already be a master at it, or you simply might have seen the word and not tried to discover anything beyond on that. If the latter is true, then it is about time you became more aware! What exactly is edging? And will edging make sex better?

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What is Edging?

For those who aren’t already aware, edging is the name of the process that involves stimulating yourself or your partner to the point of orgasm, stopping just before they climax, and then gradually starting again to repeat the process until they can’t take it anymore!


Why Does It Feel so Good?

There are physical and psychological factors involved in why edging feels so good. In your mind, it’s like putting off eating that delicious cookie until you are so hungry that it tastes like heaven in your mouth, and in your body, the build of sexual excitement and general things like increased blood flow and nerve endings repeatedly being stimulated is enough to make you ache with pleasure before exploding.


The anticipation of gratification plays a significant psychological role. Delaying climax builds a sense of desire that can magnify pleasure. Physiologically, the prolonged stimulation enhances sensitivity, making the ultimate release more intense. Edging can increase the level of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which amplifies feelings of pleasure. It's a thrilling ride on the edge of control, where each moment heightens sensitivity and arousal, promising a more explosive and satisfying outcome.


How Can You Try It?

The easiest ways to practise edging are with either oral sex or hand stimulation, making sure to communicate with your partner so that they can tell you when they are getting close, and you can slow down your movements accordingly. Both of you need to be honest about the sexual build up, as the longer you go, the better the edging feels.


What Are Some Techniques?

One method that has proven popular with people trying out edging for the first few times is the traffic light system. Imagine your pleasure as a traffic light, green meaning that you are good to keep going, orange being that you are on a solid train of pleasure, and red being that you need to stop before you get to the end of the line and climax. Having this vocal code with a partner is an easy way to find a rhythm and keep the communication strong.

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