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Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Leo Man ...

By Melly

If you are currently dating a Leo guy, then you will be well aware of just how special and interesting they can be! Just when you think you might have figured him out, he will do something new to surprise you, but when it comes to what you get up to in the bedroom, surprises aren’t something that you necessarily want to rely on! Here are top 10 tips for having the best sex with a Leo man.

1 Show off

Leos love nothing more than to show off in bed, so all you need to do to keep him happy and satisfied is play the perfect audience member and be receptive to all of his special moves and methods!

2 Flatter Him

He loves to have his ego stroked just as much as any physical part of his body, so make sure to compliment him on his bedroom skills as often as you can; it will only make him want to do more to please you!

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3 Trophy Man

He really gets off on being made to think that you parade him amongst your friends like a trophy that you have won. It appeals to his vain side, and he will want to do as much as he can in the bedroom in order to stay on your trophy shelf!

4 Ambience

Leo guys are all about having the perfect ambience and tone, so make the effort to have the right music, the right lighting etc. in order to give him the best possible environment for making the magic happen!

5 Be Submissive

Being the dominant lion that he is, your Leo man will always want to take the lead and be the controlling one when it comes to bedroom activities. As long as you are willing to go along with the power dynamic, you will have some spectacular experiences.

6 Keep up

He is likely to have a high libido and insatiable appetite for sex, so make sure that you are ready and willing to keep up with him in the bedroom.

7 Kinky

He has an adventurous spirit in the bedroom, so the more willing you are to join in with the kinky stuff that he suggests, the better time you will have together.

8 Compliments

Be sure to throw in compliments and verbal affirmations about his skills in the bedroom as often as possible; he really gets off on being told he is the best!

9 His Back

Funnily enough, his back is his erogenous zone, so remember to pay attention to it in the form of kissing, stroking and of course, digging those nails in at critical moments!

10 Biting

Don’t forget to use your teeth as biting is something that really turns a Leo on! Vary your pressures and the places that you choose to use your teeth, always keep him guessing!

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