7 Things You Should Be Upfront about in a Relationship ...


There are certain things you should be upfront about in a relationship when it starts to get serious and you know there is potential. You don’t want to leave out important topics when discussing your past and what you want for your future. These things you should be upfront about in a relationship can either be helpful or hurtful, but you should always be truthful about them.

1. Children

By the third date, when things are looking pretty good, one of the top things you should be upfront about in a relationship is children. Whether you already have a child, want them in future, don’t want any, or can’t have them, this is a pretty big topic that should be discussed sooner rather than later. Of course, if you already have a child, it is definitely a good idea to bring this up by the second date. Also, if you don’t want any children, you shouldn’t lead someone on if they have mentioned that they do want at least one child. So, be upfront before things get too serious in your relationship. You don’t want to break your partner’s heart with a topic you should have already been honest about.

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Religious beliefs if any!
Matthew Pratter
Tell us your family ambitions early. If it scares a man away, it should, and that's good, its s fundamental compatibility issue.
Melanie S-g
@omnia Absolutely!! And be sure to know where you stand yourself. I\'m currently living out the classic one partner wants kids and the other feels equally the opposite. It\'s excruciating for both par...
Seriously? Talk about children on the third date? You\'ll scare him off
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