7 Ways to Get Your Crush Alone to Talk to Him ...


Trying to learn how to get your crush alone is never easy. Guys, just like girls tend to group together and it's hard to find an in with your crush to pull him away right? If you've tried all of the ways to get your crush alone, but nothing seems to be working, give my tips a try! I've got all of the top ways to get your crush alone so that you can finally get to know him, so that you can finally talk to him!

1. Practice Approaching Him

Before you actually approach him, you've got to find practice approaching him. Practice your smile, practice how you are going to do it, practice what you are going to say. Trust me, the more practice that you do, the better off you'll be. After all, this way to get your crush alone will make sure that you are prepared to actually spill things to him!

Find a Good Time to Approach Him


Heather Jensen
Hi JJ! I would definitely try to approach him in the hallway! Just see if you can bump into him! :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Rea! If he likes you, he probably likes you for you -- I wouldn't worry too much about it, just talk to him a bit!
Thanks Lyndsie for the input! I love AWS! I appreciate it. I think he knows my name but just doesn't say it...I did smile at him like once... I love the cat and mouse chase at times anyways. We will see...;) wish me luck!
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Amira, welcome to AWS! I definitely don't think he's pitying you, a guy will usually say something like that to a girl when he thinks she's smart, pretty, or generally awesome, and wants her to fe...
Ok @heather or somone so i have a crush on this guy and he is 1 grade higher than me, so that mean no same class no same sport no same nothing the only time when i see him is in the hallway and we bot...
Hey heather I have a pretty big crush on a guy who acts like he likes me back but my friend said he only likes country girls and I'm defenatly not a contry girl what should I do!!!!!
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