7 Tips for Dating a Co-Worker You've Got to Know ...


Dating a co-worker can be really fun but also super dangerous. There are company policies to think about, the way your other colleagues are going to think about – there are just a lot of factors to consider! If you have a serious crush on one of your co-workers, don’t worry ladies, I’ve got the top 7 tips and tricks for dating a co-worker! Remember though, when you are dating a co-worker it can be really hard if you two break up!

1. Don't Violate Company Policy

When you go about dating a co-worker, you want to make sure that you are not going to be putting your career in jeopardy by violating company policies. If you are dating a co-worker and violating the company polices, make sure that it is worth it. Is this person the β€˜one’ for you? Do you have an instant connection? Is he marriage material? Below, we’ll explore some ways that you can keep your relationship discreet so maybe, nobody will know you are dating!

Keep It Discreet


I have a huge crush on this guy at work. We constantly poke fun at each other, tease a lot, he has given me neck rubs and often takes my hand and says "feel how cold I am!". I mean, I would consider t...
Yipes! Sorry it didn't work out and thanks for the tips. Dating a coworker really ends up being a messy affair if you're not careful and that's why personally I think it's best to just say no to them Thanks for stopping by!
Gah be careful. I dated this guy for two months who I thought was the sweetest thing ever and he took my virginity. He ended up screwing me over (BIG SHOCKER THERE) and now we have to work together. I...
Great tips! I'm hopelessly crushing on one of my coworkers *sigh*
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