8 Ways to Get out of the "Friend-Zone" ...


8 Ways to Get out of the "Friend-Zone" ...
8 Ways to Get out of the "Friend-Zone" ...

While it might seem difficult, there are ways to get out of the friend zone after a guy says that he just wants to be your friend. We've all heard it haven't we? We've all went through the depression that our crush 'just wants to be friends'. Don't worry, I've got the top 8 ways to get out of the friend zone that actually do work! Remember though, there are sometimes that you are going to accept that you are just a friend, but why not at least try some of these ways to get out of the friend zone first?

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Improve Yourself

You never, ever want to improve yourself for just a guy, that's the first step, but there are things that each one of us can do in order to improve ourselves. For example, I was told that I need to incorporate colors into my wardrobe because black can make me a little less approachable. So girls, think about exactly what you want to improve in yourself! This is definitely one way to get out of the friend zone and can actually make your crush look at you in a whole different light.


Get to Know Him

A lot of crushes tend to overlook just how important it is for their 'girlfriends' to know them inside and out. So girls, do you really want to get out of the friend zone? Get to know him. Really well. Know his personality, know how to talk to him, how to get him out of a funk when he's in one. Knowing all of this is absolutely one of the surefire ways to get out of the friend zone with him and to really make the two of your close!


Know His Quirks

Not only do you want to know his personality, but you want to know all of his quirks too. When I say quirks, I mean, you should know when he makes a particular face – whether he finds a statement disgusting or funny. A lot of girlfriends don't know these things and if you do, it'll be that much easier for him to realize that you are the right one for him! After all, if you can put up with all of his quirks and still like him – that's saying something!


Up the Flirting

Another way to get out of the friend zone is to make sure that you are throwing your name in the ring with your crush! How do you know that he likes you? Have you tried to flirt with him a bit and see how he responds? When you do flirt, does he flirt back? How does he react? Up the flirting ladies and see how well he responds! That'll tell you all you need to know!


Break the 'Sweet Girl' Stereotype

A lot of guys really do like a 'sweet girl', but then us sweet girls typically fall right into the 'sister' category. Do you want to know how to break out of that? Dress a little differently, act a little different and let him know that you are still a sweet girl, but you might not be a sweet girl all of the time. Trust me ladies, this is one surefire way to get out of the friend zone!


Don't Cling

One of the worst things that us girls do when we have a crush is cling. We hang onto every word that the guy states and are constantly available when he is trying to make plans. Don't do that girls! You want to make sure that you have your own life too and that he sees that you are independent. It'll make him want you more!


Does He Want a Girlfriend?

Now, the big question, does he even want a girlfriend? This is one of the things that you'll definitely have to find out before you start to look up ways to get out of the friend zone. After all, if he doesn't want a girlfriend, why would you need to break out of the friend zone?


Accept the Reality

Finally girls, sometimes you can't break out of the friend zone. If none of these ways to get out of the friend zone don't work, it might just mean that the two of you are meant to be friends. There is nothing wrong with that! It just means that you get to hang out with your cool BFF more, instead of trying to impress him.

So girls, there you have it! All of the top ways to get out of the friend zone that really work! Do you have any other ways to get out of the friend zone that you've tried that have worked?

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I'll have to try this but I don't think it will work since we don't go to the same school anymore plus he likes some other girl right now

Please, guys. Here is a sure-fire way to get out of the friend-zone. Boobs.

8 Ways to Get Out of The “Friend-Zone” … (via Twitter)

Great so...we shouldn't change ourselves for a guy but if we're a 'sweet girl' then it's advisable to dress AND act differently. Wow thanks for that.

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