7 Tips for when Your Boyfriend is Jealous of Your Guy Friends ...


Life can be very awkward when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends. You know that you don't have any romantic interest in your friends, but men tend to see other men as a threat. So how can you keep your friendships without losing your relationship? Here are some tips on handling the situation when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends …

1. Reassure Him

When your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends, try to reassure him. He may just be feeling a little insecure, especially if you've known your friends longer than you've been seeing him. Let him know that although your male friends are important, you have no interest in taking the friendship further. He is the one that you are with.

Don't Lose Your Friendships


Hang out with the guy friend with your boyfriend most of the time, so he can get to no him well , just as long as not doing things alone much and letting u boyfriend no he's always welcome to join u.
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Pro Tip: tell him to grow some balls
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