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Learning how to emotionally detach yourself from an ex can be a major problem after a relationship ends. If the two of you were always hanging out together or frequently texting, its safe to say you were strongly emotionally attached to one another. Although frequent communication is seen as a good thing in a relationship, it can be almost unbearable when he stops initiating texts or responding to messages once the relationship is over. So ladies if you are struggling with this kind of issue, here are a few ways on how to emotionally detach yourself from an ex.

1. Grieve for the Loss

One way how to emotionally detach yourself from an ex is to accept the emotions that come with the breakup. Just as your heart has to go through a grieving process when someone you love dies, it has to do the same when you lose a significant relationship. It’s normal to cycle through stages like shock, denial, anger, depression and bargaining. The bond you created with your ex took time to build so it will take time to cut those emotional ties as well.

Go No Contact


Most of these work for losing a friend as well. Whether you broke the connection or them, these can help you move on too.
Kelli kel
My ex and i have 3 kids together. We have been apart for 3 years now but we are both way too emotionally attached to each other. Its great we can be friends for the kids but its unhealthy how close we...
@Shannon Me too! We have the same class almost everyday and I can't help but wonder whether he still has feelings for me or not. Yeah, I hope I'll be able to detach myself from this. Thank you Shannon! :)
@Alexandria, don't worry, just try and accept the fact that if it didn't work out, you two weren't meant to be together, i hope you feel better soon
what sucks for me is that i actually have class with my ex and he's even my group partner. it is actually really hard to watch him flirt with my best friend in front of me. but i think its okay, I'll...
I've been doing all these steps and they seem to be working but sometimes it's just so hard :( I hope there's a way where I can just forget...
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